Coverall buildings are much more than fabric and steel. They’re fully customizable and come in many sizes, but this can make finding the right structure for you a little intimidating. If you’re tired of scrolling through options only to be left confused and overwhelmed, Bit Top Manufacturing is here to help. Let’s take a look at a few key factors that will aid you in determining your storage building needs.

What Do You Intend To Store?

What you intend to store is, by far, one of the most important factors to consider, as it will impact your choices throughout the decision-making process. You may need a building that stores machinery, materials, tools, or products, and some of these items may be temperature sensitive while others are not. In these cases, you may need to add insulation or HVAC customizations to your coverall building. If you just need a place to keep things cool and dry, a basic structure may be enough.

How Much Do You Intend To Store?

How much you intend to store will determine your sizing needs. You may want to take a sample size of your items, how you intend to stack and store them, and take a sizing measurement. Multiplying that size by how much you intend to store will help give you a general sense of what size structure you need. However, it doesn’t account for location, walking space, and number of employees. Consider adding a foot or two of space around the surrounding sample size for a more realistic roundabout number.

Are Your Storage Needs Stationary?

Some storage buildings need to travel from jobsite to jobsite, while others do not. When you buy fabric structures, you can add mobility customizations such as railing, telescoping, and crane lifting. These add-ons allow you to move your structure to different locations of the jobsite, or to a different jobsite entirely, through crane, rail, or roll-back systems.

How Does Your Location Impact Your Storage Building Needs?

One of the most important key factors to consider when determining your storage building needs is the area within which you need us to erect your structure. At Big Top Manufacturing, we’ll make sure your fabric structure is up to par with your area’s local building codes and ordinances. However, we know there’s much more to consider, such as local climate, weather, and the foundation of your structure. Fortunately, our fabric structures can attach to a myriad of foundations, such as asphalt, concrete, wood piling, ballast blocks, and more.

Additionally, our fabric structures are fire, tear, and UV resistant—and you have the option of adding lightning protection to the base design. This means that no matter where you are, our fabric structures can rise to your local challenges.

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