When you need quality, durable storage space quickly, a commercial storage tent is a customizable and convenient option, especially compared to traditional brick-and-mortar buildings. However, storage tents are still an investment and require decent funding to design and erect. We know that fabric structures are more affordable, but the question is, are commercial storage tents worth the investment?

Lasts for Years

Many people fall into the trap of believing that a fabric structure simply can’t match the durability of a brick-and-mortar building. The truth is a little more complex than that. Indeed, fabric can’t last as long as stone and concrete, but this doesn’t mean fabric structures can’t meet the same challenges. At Big Top Manufacturing, we use a flame-retardant, tear-resistant PVC fabric for our roofing and galvanized steel as the metal frame. With proper care and maintenance, our structure will protect your tools, materials, or products, and it can last up to 10 years.

Fewer Building Materials

Commercial storage tents require two main components to build—a fabric membrane and a steel frame. Traditional brick-and-mortar buildings require brick, concrete, wood, and steel, in addition to all the pipe and roofing materials. With the price of building materials rising, industries are looking for storage solutions that require the least amount of building materials possible. However, using a structure made with fewer and cheaper materials can often come with the risk of losing durability. Fortunately, with a fabric structure, you don’t have to sacrifice durability for affordability.

Lower Labor Costs

Due to the materials required and their relatively simple design, fabric structures don’t take long to erect and, therefore, require less labor. Small structures are quick and easy to erect and only need a small crew of about four or five people, with some only taking a few hours to build. Larger structures will require a bigger team and some heavy equipment, but it will only take two or three days to finish. With how little overall labor is needed, these structures significantly cut down on labor costs. This is especially beneficial when you compare them to the time, labor, and machinery required to erect a brick-and-mortar building.

Use Less Power

Traditional buildings require complex wiring and insulation to keep the space powered and temperature controlled. With a fabric building, you can customize your installation with electrical systems and insulation or use the natural heating and cooling fabric buildings provide. Our PVC fabric membrane blocks 99 percent of UV rays while allowing natural light to flood the space underneath. Not only does this protect the area from heat and weather, but it also means that you don’t have to use your lighting nearly as much. Our fabric structures allow you to stay cool during the summer and warm during the cooler months without running your electricity all day.

Plus, open-air fabric structure models funnel air in a way that allows air to flow freely through the building, lowering the overall environmental impact of your structure.

Save on Electricity Bill

It’s no secret that warehousing and managing a job site is expensive, and you want to cut costs in the right places without sacrificing quality or safety. By using the natural heating, cooling, and lighting that comes with your fabric structure, not only are you safeguarding the environment, but you’re protecting your wallet as well. Again, we can install HVAC, insulation, and lighting systems within your structure if necessary. However, the luxury of a fabric building comes with the bonus of not having to use these systems 24/7.

You get to use your power your way and save on your electricity bill without having to forgo comfort. We can also include a solar power system on your fabric structure so you can harness the natural light and power of the sun to run your electrical systems.

Easy Relocation

Once your construction crew erects a traditional brick-and-mortar building, it stays there until its demolished, and moving it from job site to job site isn’t an option. This is fine for businesses that remain in one place, but if your company is on the move, it’s impossible to simply erect a brick-and-mortar building wherever you go. Not only would this take a preposterous amount of money, but it would also take a ridiculous amount of time. At Big Top, we can include a mobility system in your structure so a crane can easily move your structure to different areas of your job site. Also, disassembling and shipping our structures is easy, meaning your structure goes where you go.

Rent Out Your Structure

If you don’t need your fabric structure anymore or only use it during certain seasons, you don’t have to let it sit around and collect dust. Your fabric structure belongs to you, and you can rent it out for a profit whenever you’re not using it. As you likely already know, businesses are always looking for a way to cut operation costs, and you can help them do that! Renting out your structure can help your investment pay for itself, and everybody wins in this scenario.

Buy Used Structures

There are plenty of ways a commercial storage tent can help you save money and make your investment worthwhile. However, if buying a completely new structure isn’t within your budget, or there isn’t one to rent nearby, we understand! That’s why Big Top Manufacturing also has used fabric structures for sale that you can buy for a discount. You can buy directly from us or our clients, who can already attest to the quality of our structures.

Whether commercial storage tents are worth the investment depends on your business and storage needs. If your job site doesn’t have a warehouse or storage building nearby, or you need quick, durable, and affordable storage, commercial tents are your best bet.

If you need a storage tent, contact Big Top Manufacturing today. We sell fire and weather-resistant commercial storage tents that we’ll design to meet your area’s building codes and local climate challenges like wind, rain, and snow. If you have a specific budget, we’ll work with you to find a structure that meets your needs and fits within your financial plan. At Big Top, we’re dedicated to providing industries with affordable, versatile, and quality storage solutions.

Is a Commercial Storage Tent Worth the Investment?

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