Big Top Builds Industrial Tent Structures for Companies in All Industries

Industrial Tent Structures

More and more business owners are learning that industrial tent structures are an affordable alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar buildings. They’re also learning why Big Top Fabric Structures is one of the most respected manufacturers in the industry. We specialize in building custom fabric structures of the finest quality for long-term applications. Our tent structures are covered with PVC-vinyl fabric, complete with rip stop scrims to prevent tearing. Additionally, the modular framing system at the core of our structures is made of industrial-grade, galvanized steel and provides maximal structural support.

The Advantages of Our Tent Structures Go On And On

A durable build that can stand the test of time is only one benefit of our fabric structures. Here are other ways our industrial tent structures can meet your business needs:

Customized for Your Operations

Our deeply knowledgeable specialists can design the perfect tent structure for your industrial applications. Our fabric buildings can range in size up to 80 feet high and 174 feet wide, providing plenty of space for your operations. We can also equip your industrial tent structure with add-ons, such as an HVAC system, flooring, doors, insulation, and lightning protection. Additionally, we can upgrade its durability to handle wind loads, snow loads, and seismic activity.

Portable Functionality

Another unique benefit of our tent structures is that they can adapt to your changing business needs. Your Big Top building can be moved around your footprint as a whole unit using a crane, and it can be disassembled and transported to a different location.

Easy Installation

Big Top’s fabric structures do not require a permanent foundation and can be anchored to nearly anything, even asphalt. They can be deployed quickly, at a rate of 2,500 square feet per day. Because they can be constructed faster and require fewer materials than traditional buildings, our solutions are more cost effective. And with our turnkey installation service, you can focus on the business at hand while our professional team does all the work.

Energy Savings

The fabric cover of our tent structures is specially formulated to block 99.95% of UV-A and UV-B radiation, which not only offers superior protection for your materials, equipment, and staff, but it also helps to maintain an interior temperature that is, on average, 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the temperature outside. This will help you save on energy costs as you won’t need to run an HVAC system around the clock. Furthermore, because the fabric cover is translucent, it will allow the sun to illuminate the interior, delivering even more energy savings by eliminating the need for artificial lighting.

Learn More About Our Fabric Structures

Big Top has decades of experience working with businesses in a variety of industries. We have built custom warehouse buildings, equipment maintenance shelters, aircraft hangars, and more. Rest assured that no matter what you need a tent structure for, Big Top can design the perfect solution.

To learn more about the industrial tent structures custom manufactured by Big Top, contact us today. One of our courteous representatives will be happy to assist you.

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