How Much Does it Cost to Build an Airplane Hangar?

Costs of Building an Airplane HangarIf your company serves the aviation industry, or if you’re a private FBO or aircraft owner, you may be interested in building your own hangar or sunshade for storage and routine maintenance. Rather than blow your budget on constructing a permanent brick-and-mortar building, consider a fabric hangar or sunshade from Big Top. Our hangars and sunshades provide a host of benefits at a fraction of the cost of traditional buildings.

Cost-Saving Benefits for Your Bottom Line

When you partner with Big Top, we’ll design a hangar or sunshade to meet your specific needs. You’ll be able to stay on budget with one of our fabric buildings because they:

  • Have a proprietary design consisting of a PVC vinyl roof secured to a high-quality, galvanized steel frame, far fewer materials than what a permanent building requires
  • Assemble quickly, at a rate of 2,500 square feet per day, in fact, sparing you the expenses of a long, drawn-out construction project
  • Do not require you to hire an outside contractor, thanks to our turnkey installation services

Additionally, our fabric hangars and sunshades can be deemed as equipment with the IRS, which can lead to tax advantages.

Energy Savings

Once assembled, a fabric hangar or sunshade from Big Top will continue to help you save on costs, thanks to the exceptional energy efficiency that it provides. The thermal fabric roof is formulated to repel 99.95% of harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation, allowing the interior to maintain a comfortable temperature that is, on average, 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the outside temperature, sparing you the costs of running climate control 24/7.

Outstanding Protection for Your Staff & Vehicle

Not only will the thermal fabric roof of your hangar or sunshade keep energy costs low, but it will also help protect your staff, materials, and equipment from sun exposure. The paintjob and electronics of aircraft can quickly degrade under the hot glare of the sun. However, your new hangar or sunshade from Big Top will eliminate these worries for when you need to store or perform maintenance on your aircraft.

A Naturally Lit Interior

Another way a fabric hangar or sunshade can keep your energy costs low is by minimizing the need for artificial lighting. The same fabric roof that reflects away heat is also translucent and will allow natural sunlight to flood the interior, providing ample illumination for maintenance and other duties performed by your aircraft crew.

Cost Savings & So Much More

Fabric Airplane HangarA recent study showed that 18 fabric sunshades from Big Top cost less to build than one metal airplane hangar. Plus, our sunshades and hangars can be anchored directly to the flight line for maintenance. Additionally, our sunshades and hangars ensure mission readiness and are approved by the USACE as being compliant with US Air Force Sunshade Management (AFSM), Air Force Instruction (AFI), and IBC. And, they’re Berry Amendment compliant for military use.

To speak with a representative about designing a sunshade or hangar, contact Big Top today. When you do, we’ll be happy to discuss in more detail how our fabric buildings offer cost savings and other advantages over permanent hangars.

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