How Much Do Clear Span Structures Cost?

How Much Do Clear Span Structures CostThere are many reasons why companies serving nearly every industry seek out Big Top’s fabric structures, one of the most common being cost savings when compared to purchasing, leasing, or constructing a permanent building. Our shelters require fewer materials than a traditional brick-and-mortar building, can be constructed at a rate of 2,500 feet per day, and do not require hiring a specialized, third-party contractor to build. So, it’s easy to see how one of our fabric structures can better fit within your budget.

A Custom Design to Meet Your Needs

The total cost of your fabric shelter will depend on how you plan to use it. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t simply offer a select few cookie-cutter models to choose from. Rather, we custom design each building to meet the unique needs of our customers. For instance, if you need a structure for warehousing, we can equip yours with a ventilation system to maintain optimal air quality, as well as bay doors and durable flooring to accommodate forklifts and other equipment. If you need a safety meeting facility, a lunchroom, a break tent, or other interior space where your staff will congregate, we can install an HVAC system and insulation for climate control. We can also include exhaust fans and vents for necessary air exchanges if you need a structure to fabricate or blast and paint in.

Size is another aspect that can affect costs. Fortunately, Big Top’s fabric structures can be nearly any size to accommodate your needs. And, should your business needs grow, your building can be expanded thanks to its modular design. Compare this to the limited space of a permanent building, which can be very expensive and time consuming to add on to. Plus, your fabric building can be moved around your property with a crane, or disassembled and shipped to another location should your operations relocate, saving you the hassle of having to sell the old permanent building and buy a new one in the new location.

Other Reasons Why Our Fabric Buildings Are Budget Friendly

Unlike brick-and-mortar buildings that need a solid foundation, our shelters can be anchored to nearly anything. We’ve helped businesses save on costs by securing their shelter to stacks of ecology blocks or shipping containers. This is also a key benefit if your operations are located where there is limited space or in a remote area.

The fabric roof of our structures is translucent and will therefore allow natural sunlight to flood the interior space. This will help minimize or eliminate altogether the need for artificial lighting and the energy costs that go with it.

Additionally, the fabric roof is formulated to repel 99.95 percent of harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation. Not only will this help protect your materials and equipment from sun exposure, but it will also keep your staff comfortable throughout the workday by maintaining a pleasant interior temperature that is on average 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the temperature outside, freeing you from driving up your energy costs by running an HVAC system around the clock.

And, lastly, Big Top’s fabric buildings can be deemed equipment with the IRS, which can lead to tax benefits.

To get a better sense of the cost of your fabric structure, contact Big Top today. Once we discuss your needs and the solutions we can provide, we’ll be able to show how we can save your bottom line with one of our custom fabric shelters.

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