How the U.S. Military Uses Our Fabric Structures

How the Military Uses Fabric StructuresSince 1979, Big Top has had the honor of working with the U.S. military. The customizability and versatility of our fabric shelters perfectly meet the needs of the Armed Forces on military bases all around the globe. In fact, our structures can be deployed to nearly anywhere in the world, anchored to a variety of foundations, and quickly assembled without the need for a specialized contractor. And, they will hold strong in nearly any climate thanks to the industrial-grade steel frame and optional engineering for heavy wind and snow loads.

The U.S. military commonly uses our shelters as:

Hangars & Sunshades for Aircraft Storage & Maintenance

The thermal-reflective fabric roof of our structures repels up to 99.95 percent of UV-A and UV-B radiation, protecting the paint and electronics of aircraft, as well as the personnel tasked with maintenance duties. Our hangars and sunshades are compliant with U.S. Air Force Sunshade Management (AFSM), Air Force Instruction (AFI), and IBC as approved by USACE. They are also Berry Amendment compliant for military use and help to ensure mission readiness.

Large Area Maintenance Shelters (LAMS) for Vehicle Maintenance

Big Top’s fabric shelters can be built to nearly any size and contain no internal guy wires or columns, ensuring that every square inch of space under the roof can be used. We can install bay doors and durable flooring that creates roadways into and out of the shelter so that any size vehicle can be brought in for maintenance.

Vehicle Inspection Checkpoints Along Roadways & National Borders

A fabric building from Big Top can span multi-lane roads and can be compartmentalized internally so inspections can be performed out of sight. Plus, because the fabric roof naturally maintains an internal temperature that is on average 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the outside temperature, your guards will be comfortable throughout their shift.

Mess Halls & Barracks for the Troops

Your shelter can have one expansive interior space where your troops can eat their meals or assemblies and meetings can be conducted, or the inner area can be sectioned off into rooms for offices, sleeping quarters, or other uses. Big Top can install insulation and HVAC systems to keep your troops comfortable, and we can include lighting protection that will allow the building to be used as a muster station in an emergency.

Other Benefits of Our Fabric Shelters That the U.S. Military Relies On

The fabric roof of a Big Top shelter is translucent and will flood the interior space with natural sunlight. This helps to keep energy costs down because it eliminates the need for artificial lighting. Additionally, our buildings can be moved around the base with a crane, if necessary, and can even be disassembled and shipped to another location. And, because they are not permanent, our shelters will not use up the square footage of your base.

For more information about how our fabric structures are used by the U.S. military, or to learn how we can design one to meet your needs, contact the experts at Big Top today.

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