How Does a Fabric Structure Protect Against the Weather?

How a Fabric Structure Protects Against the WeatherBig Top’s fabric structures are the go-to solution for companies that need a shelter for their operations but don’t want to shell out the expense of constructing a permanent building. Indeed, our fabric buildings cost much less and take less time to build than traditional brick-and-mortar buildings, but that doesn’t mean they are any less reliable when the weather turns ugly.

A Durable Design That Will Last for Years

Our fabric structures are designed with long-lasting applications in mind. They feature a rip-resistant fabric roof secured to an industrial-grade galvanized steel frame, which can be anchored to nearly anything, even asphalt and shipping containers. No matter where your operations are located, you can trust that your fabric building from Big Top will stand strong through any type of weather.

Additional Engineering for Impeccable Performance

If you’re located in an area that experiences extreme weather, we can engineer a fabric building to withstand heavy wind and snow loads, ensuring that it meets all local building codes. Additionally, we can install lightning protection, allowing you to use the shelter as a muster station where your employees can safely gather when the weather goes south.

Outstanding Protection From Sun Exposure

When we think about weather protection, we often envision rain, snow, and wind hampering production. But, even when there are no clouds in the sky, ample protection is needed. Otherwise, long-term exposure to the sun can affect the health of your staff and can degrade your materials and equipment.

Big Top’s fabric structures protect against sun exposure as well, thanks to the thermal fabric roof. The roof reflects 99.95% of harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation, maximizing the lifespan of your materials and the electronics of your vehicles and equipment. This also helps the interior maintain a pleasant temperature that is, on average, 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the outside temperature, ensuring your personnel are comfortable throughout the workday without relying on an HVAC system.

Improved Energy Savings

Not only will you save on energy costs by not having to run an HVAC system around the clock, but you’ll also enjoy energy savings thanks to the translucent design of the fabric roof, which will illuminate the interior with natural sunlight, eliminating or minimizing your reliance on artificial light.

A Long-Lasting Solution for Your Business Needs

With proper upkeep, a fabric structure from Big Top can last for decades, protecting your operations against inclement weather season after season. And, with our turnkey installation services, you can rest easy knowing your new shelter will be erected perfectly so that you can enjoy long-lasting performance. Moreover, we’ll be glad to include a warranty with your project to protect your investment.

Our fabric structures are strong enough to withstand years of volatile weather patterns, have a UPF rating of 2,000 and a conventional rating of 50 plus, and are NFPA701 flame retardant. To learn more, contact Big Top today.

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