Custom-Made Hoop Buildings by Big Top Fabric Structures

Hoop buildingsHoop buildings made by Big Top Fabric Structures are custom-designed for every customer. That’s because we understand that needs vary significantly by industry and application, so we know that a generic fabric tent often just doesn’t make the cut. Here at Big Top, we’ll work with you to determine the exact size and features you’ll need, such as HVAC systems and lighting, to create the perfect fabric structure for your business. We also offer onsite consultations for those that need them, as well as stamped and sealed blueprints for those who must adhere to specific building codes. So, no matter what sort of fabric structure you need, just remember – Big Top’s got you covered.

In addition to their versatility, Big Top’s hoop buildings are made for both permanent and temporary applications. For example, our structures:

  • Don’t require permanent foundations to establish secure footing, meaning less of your time and money will be wasted on excavating and pouring concrete to build a permanent foundation.
  • Feature a modular design, making them quick and easy to install, dissemble, and modify, even by untrained laborers who have never built a similar structure before.
  • Can include mobility kits such as crane lifting packages and jacks and wheels, so they can be easily moved around your worksite.

While Big Top’s hoop buildings are custom-made, adaptable, and ideal for both permanent and temporary applications, they’re also made to be exceptionally durable and to provide reliable protection from the elements. All of our hoop buildings are constructed using galvanized steel frames for maximum support and a heavy-duty, PVC-vinyl fabric that is flame retardant and rip resistant – so you can be sure that your structure will be made to last. We’re also proud to back our structures with some of the industry’s best warranties.

For more information about the hoop buildings offered by Big Top Fabric Structures, contact us today. Our versatile fabric structures are available to businesses all over the world.

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