Hoop Buildings Custom Built for Construction Sites to Provide Storage, Shade, Eating Areas & More

Hoop BuildingsFor many businesses, Big Top’s hoop buildings – also known as fabric buildings – are a viable alternative to competing structures made from metal or wood. The economic accessibility that our buildings provide is the result of a variety of factors, but one prominent reason is that our structures can be used for both temporary and permanent applications. In the world of construction, in which sites are open and closed on a routine basis, Big Top’s hoop buildings are an invaluable resource. They can be disassembled and moved to other locations, as well as moved around as whole units with the addition of a crane-lifting package or other mobility kit.

In addition to being movable, Big Top’s fabric buildings are also highly customizable. Our structures can be built with HVAC systems, flooring, specialty doors, and more. As a result, our hoop buildings have been utilized for a variety of different purposes, including for:

  • Warehousing and storage
  • Lunchrooms and cafeterias
  • Airplane hangars and sunshades
  • Blast and paint facilities
  • Shade structures
  • And more

At Big Top, we strive to provide our customers with useful buildings that can be counted on for years to come. To that end, we use galvanized steel to form our frames and flame-retardant PVC vinyl fabric to provide exceptional durability. Additionally, we can specially engineer our buildings for areas that require adherence to strict building codes, such as for wind loads, snow load, and seismic activity.

For more information about Big Top’s hoop buildings, contact us today. We proudly serve businesses and organizations across the globe.

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