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Hangar Building

Do you need a hangar building in which you can store and maintain your aircraft? If so, you have come to the right place. Founded in 1979, Big Top is a custom manufacturer of fabric buildings. As opposed to permanent buildings made of brick and mortar, our fabric structures are affordable, they can be built quickly, and they are portable. In fact, any Big Top hangar building can be disassembled and moved from location to location if need be.


Because they require fewer materials and can be assembled more quickly than permanent aircraft hangars, our fabric structures are a more cost-effective solution. They can also lead to tax benefits when registered as equipment with the IRS.

Timely Installations

Our fabric hangar buildings can be erected at a rate of 2,500 square feet per day, and they do not require a concrete pad as a foundation. This means they can be anchored directly to the flight line. And with our turnkey installation service, your crew can focus on its day-to-day tasks while we handle the construction.


Our fabric hangars and sunshades can be moved, if need be, intact with a crane. They can also be disassembled and shipped to a new airfield to keep pace with the changing needs of your operations.

Superior Protection From the Elements

One of the biggest benefits of a Big Top hangar building is its ability to provide protection from the elements. Direct sunlight can heat up an aircraft to unbearable temperatures, which can cause damage to both the interior and the exterior of the unit, in addition to its avionics equipment. Big Top’s hangars feature a fabric cover that is formulated to repel 99.95% of UV-A and UV-B radiation, which can help reduce the temperature of an aircraft as much as 71 degrees, lengthening the lifespan of its paint job and electronics, and lessening the amount of maintenance it will require.

Thanks to the outstanding thermal performance offered by our fabric hangars and sunshades, maintenance crews will be comfortable throughout the workday. In fact, the temperature inside our structures maintains an average 15 degree difference than the outside temperature, meaning our hangar buildings naturally stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer without the need for artificial climate control.

Reliable, Long-Lasting Solutions

Big Top’s hangars are made to last thanks to their strong framing system, which is made of industrial-strength, galvanized steel. The fabric covers are NFPA701 flame retardant, and they’re rip-resistant. For aviation applications in climates prone to inclement weather, we can add extra engineering to comply with code requirements for wind loads, snow loads, and seismic activity.

Dedicated to Your Business Needs

At Big Top, our primary concern is the satisfaction of our customers. That’s why we are dedicated to building affordable, practical structures and to providing exceptional customer service. We will work with you closely to ensure we build a hangar building that has all the features you need. In addition to fully enclosed hangers, we offer an open-ended structure that we call the Flight Sunshade. This type of building is perfect for creating a shaded area on the tarmac.

Get Started Today

If you are in the market for a hangar building, contact Big Top Fabric Structures today for a customized solution. Our fabric hangars and sunshades ensure mission readiness and are approved by USACE as being compliant with the US Air Force Sunshade Management (AFSM), Air Force Instruction (AFI), and International Building Code (IBC). Additionally, our shelters are Berry Amendment compliant.

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