Fabric Covered Storage Buildings and the Advantages They Offer

Fabric Covered Storage BuildingsFabric covered storage buildings have a myriad of uses. Those with a clear span design have no internal support columns or guy wires taking up space, so they can easily store manufacturing materials, aircraft, and marine equipment, to name just a few examples. For companies or organizations looking to avoid the costs of constructing a permanent installation, fabric buildings are a viable alternative.

If you’re in the market for a fabric structure, be sure to find a company that offers one that is built from quality materials and designed for long-lasting durability. For instance, the fabric itself should be resistant to tears and, ideally, flame retardant. Additionally, it should offer some protection from sun exposure by blocking harmful UV rays. And, the frame that the fabric is attached to should be made from industrial-strength, galvanized steel to ensure the structure holds its own against inclement weather.

Another great benefit to look for in a fabric storage building is portability. If needed, you should be able to move the building around your jobsite with a crane-lifting package, or relocate it to a different location altogether after disassembling it. Plus, any company offering a temporary building should be able to outfit it with accessories, such as an HVAC system, lighting, flooring, and more, to meet the unique needs of your business or organization.

Since 1979, Big Top Fabric Structures has provided fabric covered storage buildings to organizations in a great many industries, including commercial, industrial, and military. Our shelters are built to last, offer protection from sun exposure, can be customized in many different ways, and can contribute to the energy saving costs. For more information, contact Big Top Fabric Structures today.

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