Clear Span Fabric Structures for Businesses in Myriad Industries

Clear Span Fabric StructuresBig Top Fabric Structures is the company to turn to if you need a temporary building for your business operations. Our structures are clear span and completely free of internal columns and guy wires, allowing you to use all of the interior space. They offer many advantages over permanent buildings, which you’ll discover when you choose us for your project.

Advantages of Our Fabric Structures

At Big Top, we can spare you the headache of having a new brick-and-mortar building constructed. Our fabric structures are ideal alternatives as they:

Cost Less & Take Less Time to Build

With far fewer materials required for installation, our fabric buildings cost less than their permanent counterparts. Plus, they can be assembled much quicker at a rate of 2,500 feet per day. Our structures do not require the assistance of an outside contractor to build. In fact, with our turnkey installation service, we can handle the assembly so that your workers can stay focused on the tasks at hand.

Are More Energy Efficient

Big Top’s clear span structures feature a fabric roof that is translucent. By allowing natural light to fully illuminate the interior, our shelters save on energy costs associated with running artificial lighting throughout the day. 

Can Move With Your Business

Another advantage our fabric structures have over permanent buildings is that they can be moved when needed, whether this means moving the structure intact using a crane, or disassembling it to be shipped to another location.

Other Benefits

Even though Big Top’s clear span structures are meant to be temporary, they are designed for long-time use. The industrial-grade, galvanized steel frame of your shelter is strong enough to withstand season after season of inclement weather, and we can even engineer it for heavy wind and snow loads if necessary. Plus, our structures are NFPA701 flame retardant as required by International Building Code.

Thermal Performance

The fabric roof of your clear span structure from Big Top will reflect 99.95 percent of harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation, offering ample protection against sun exposure. This will also help to maximize the lifespan of your equipment’s electronics and paint jobs, as well as protect any environmentally sensitive materials you may work with.

Natural Climate Control

By effectively blocking thermal radiation, the roof of our structures also helps to maintain a pleasant interior temperature that is, on average, 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the outside temperature. That way, your staff will be comfortable throughout the workday, minimizing breaks and maximizing output.

Speak to a Representative

To learn more about how our clear-span fabric structures are better alternatives to permanent buildings, or to speak with a representative about designing one for your business, contact the experts at Big Top today.

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