Custom Fabric Structures for Business Owners in Alaska

Fabric Structures Alaska Are you running out of space to house your expanding business operations in Alaska? If so, you may be looking for a cost-effective way to add shelter to your property. At Big Top Fabric Structures, we can help. Our fabric structures offer numerous advantages over constructing a permanent building and can support your operations for years into the future.

Save on Costs

Hiring an architect, paying for materials, employing multiple contractors—the costs of building a permanent structure can quickly add up. A Big Top fabric structure can help you maintain your bottom line because it requires far fewer materials and no specialized contractors to assemble. In fact, with proper training, your team can erect your temporary building. Or, if you’d rather your staff stay focused on its day-to-day tasks, the seasoned professionals at Big Top can handle all the assembly for you with our turnkey service. Installation can be done quickly, at a rate of 2,500 square feet per day, sparing you a lengthy construction project that continuously eats into your budget.

Reap Energy Savings

The savings never end with a Big Top fabric structure due to its impressive thermal performance. The signature fabric cover is formulated to repel 99.95% of UV-A and UV-B radiation, helping to maintain a pleasant interior temperature that is, on average, 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the temperature outside. Your employees will work in a comfortable environment safely shielded from the damaging effects of sun exposure without requiring an HVAC system running around the clock. Combine this energy-saving benefit with not having to run artificial lighting during daytime hours—the translucent cover allows natural sunlight to illuminate the interior—and it’s easy to see how you can save big on monthly energy costs.

Protect Your Assets

The superior thermal performance of a Big Top fabric structure not only ensures your staff is protected from the elements but also your materials and equipment. In fact, it can help maximize the lifespan of your equipment’s electronics and paint jobs. Even on days with inclement weather, your operations can continue thanks to your temporary building’s industrial-grade steel frame, which is strong enough to withstand just about any type of weather. For extra protection, we can engineer your building for heavy wind and snow loads.

Customize Your Fabric Structure

Some of our competitors in Alaska offer only a few pre-designed fabric structures to choose from. At Big Top, however, we take the time to customize our shelters to meet the unique needs of our customers. For instance, we can add accessories such as flooring, doors, HVACs, internal partitions, lightning protection, and much more. Your fabric structure can span from 20 to 174 feet wide and nearly any length your property can accommodate. And because there are no guy wires or internal columns, you’ll be able to use the entire interior space for your business needs.

Move Your Shelter as Needed

Another great advantage of a Big Top fabric structure is that it can be moved when needed. With a crane, you can move it intact around your current footprint, or you can disassemble and ship it to a new location. Your structure can be anchored to nearly anything, even asphalt and shipping containers, making it ideal for both on-site and field operations. With little maintenance, your temporary building can last for decades.

Experienced Professionals Serving Alaska Business Owners

Since 1979, Big Top has been designing and building fabric structures for companies serving a range of industries, including:

  • Mining and mineral
  • Oil and gas
  • Construction
  • Government
  • Waste management
  • Military and aviation
  • Sport and events

To learn more about why a Big Top fabric structure is the right choice for your business in Alaska, contact us today.

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