Have a Fabric Structure Customized for Your Business

Fabric StructureA Big Top fabric structure is the perfect alternative to the costly and time-consuming process of constructing a building. Our structures are designed to establish secure footing on nearly any foundation, and they feature an innovative modular design that lends itself to easy installation, disassembly, and future expansion. Available in custom sizes up to 74 feet tall, 174 feet wide, and infinitely long, our fabric structures are useful for a variety of industries and applications.

Just a handful of industries that have benefitted from a custom Big Top fabric structure include:

  • Construction
  • Aviation
  • Military
  • Marine
  • Environmental
  • Governmental
  • Mining and mineral
  • Oil and gas

Opting for a Big Top fabric structure poses many other benefits as well. One is durability. Composed of galvanized steel frames and available in different gauges of heavy-duty PVC-vinyl fabric, our structures are built to last even in the most trying conditions. Do you live in an area that has strict building strength requirements, such as for seismic activity, snow load, or high winds? If so, no problem. Big Top also offers engineering services to ensure you get a structure that complies with your local building codes.

Another benefit of a Big Top fabric structure is that it will be adaptable to any environment. Our fabric buildings can be outfitted with any combination of lights, insulation, HVAC systems, flooring, and more. In fact, our structure systems can be found all over the globe – from providing relief from the heat in Afghanistan to providing shelter from the cold in Antarctica.

Ready to have a fabric structure custom-made for your business? Contact Big Top today, and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you. We are also proud to offer a range of onsite consulting services for help with surveying, foundation evaluation, and structure design.

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