A Big Top Fabric Structure is the Perfect Lunchroom Alternative

Fabric StructureErecting a fabric structure is a quick and cost-efficient alternative to constructing a permanent lunchroom building – especially when you choose Big Top Fabric Structures. Our buildings are engineered for stability and can settle securely on nearly any type of foundation. Composed of galvanized steel frames and a heavy duty PVC-vinyl fabric that’s both flame retardant and rip resistant, our fabric lunchrooms can withstand wear and tear from some of the world’s most rugged industries, including construction, aviation, military, and marine.

Opting for a high-tension fabric structure (rather than building a traditional lunchroom structure from scratch) poses other advantages as well. For example, a Big Top lunchroom is:

  • Easy to install, expand, and disassemble – Our structures take advantage of modularity and can be managed (in most cases) by your own laborers.
  • Adaptable – With options for insulation, lighting, HVAC systems, and much more, our structures can be installed with equipment to provide a comfortable atmosphere no matter the environment.
  • Quickly available – To create the average fabric structure, our manufacturing process typically takes only three to four weeks.

At Big Top, we strive to offer the most durable, customizable, and quickly available fabric structures on the market today. And, going hand-in-hand with that goal is our commitment to customer satisfaction. If you’re in a position where think you might want a fabric lunchroom but you just aren’t sure – don’t fear. Big Top offers a number of consulting services as well, including on-site surveying, foundation evaluation, design recommendations, and more.

If you’d like to take advantage of the benefits that a fabric structure lunchroom has to provide, contact Big Top Fabric Structures today.

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