How a Fabric Structure is More Cost-Effective than a Permanent Building

Fabric StructureA fabric structure can help keep your organization in budget if you’re currently looking for a warehouse, production area, assembly hall, or any other large enclosed space. That’s because a temporary canvas building costs far less to build and takes less time to install than constructing a permanent structure made of wood or metal. And, the savings don’t end at installation – because the fabric in a temporary building is translucent, meaning it allows in natural light, there is less need for electric lighting and there is less of a burden on your HVAC system to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Another benefit of a fabric structure vs. a permanent one is portability. Most canvas buildings can be maneuvered around your property using a specialized tool, such as a crane or jack-and-wheels, and can be disassembled for shipping to another location. Plus, they can be anchored to any type of foundation, making them far more versatile than a permanent installation.

When searching for a fabric structure, don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all product. A reputable provider should be able to custom tailor a structure to your exact specifications, from height and width to including any number of accessories, such as flooring, insulation, doors, gutters, and more. Check for a modular design that can be easily added onto in case the needs of your organization require future expansion.

If your organization needs a fabric structure, turn to the experts at Big Top. We’ve served just about every industry, including construction, aviation, oil and gas, marine, and military, since our founding in 1979 and have earned a reputation for the quality and customizability of our products and our impeccable service. To learn more about how we can custom create a fabric structure for your needs, contact Big Top today.

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