Fabric Structure Buildings Provide Long-Lasting Solutions for Organizations in Any Industry

Fabric Structure BuildingsFabric structure buildings from Big Top offer viable alternatives to businesses or organizations that need additional square footage but are trying to save on construction costs. Our temporary structures cost less to build than their permanent counterparts and require less time to install. Plus, their modular designs make future expansions and modifications easy. Big Top can include any number of accessories to meet your unique needs, including flooring, lighting, doors, HVACs, exhaust fans, and so much more.

Since 1979, we’ve helped organizations from just about every industry increase their square footage for less with our fabric structure buildings. To list just a handful of examples, our structures have been used as:

  • Assembly halls for corporate meetings, award ceremonies, or any other group event
  • Cafeterias for students, staff, and military personnel
  • Shipyards as blast and paint facilities for the marine industry
  • Warehouses for storing materials and documents
  • Factories and production lines for general manufacturing, mining and mineral, and oil and gas industries
  • Hangars for private, commercial, and military aircraft
  • And many more

Another reason organizations seek out Big Top is because of the energy savings provided by the fabric used in our buildings. This fabric is translucent and can therefore lessen the need for electric lighting and reduce some of the workload of your HVAC by helping maintain a comfortable interior temperature. In fact, our fabric structure buildings can be registered as equipment with the IRS, can even earn you tax advantages.

Additionally, our fabric is both rip-resistant and flame-retardant, and is supported by an industrial-strength, galvanized steel frame. The result is a durable structure that will last for as long as you need it to, even through years of exposure to the elements.

To learn more about how our fabric structure buildings can provide cost-effective spacing solutions for your organization, contact Big Top Fabric Structures today.

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