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Fabric SheltersBig Top’s custom fabric shelters are a cost-effective alternative to building a permanent structure from scratch. Part of this has to with the fact that our fabric structures can anchor to nearly any foundation, including asphalt and stacks of shipping containers, so they don’t need to rely on a permanent concrete footer for stability. Plus, our structures utilize a modular design, making them easy to install, expand, and disassemble. In most cases, one of our fabric shelters can be constructed by a group of laborers who have no similar experience. The team at Big Top can train your crew on how to assemble your fabric building or, for the utmost convenience, we can provide turnkey installation so your employees can stay focused on the job at hand.

In addition to being cost-effective, our fabric structures are also very versatile. We can provide countless accessories, such as HVAC systems, flooring, lighting, doors, and more. In fact, our fabric structures are so adaptable that they are used for various applications, including:

Aircraft Storage & Maintenance

Our fabric hangars and sunshades can be anchored directly to the flight line and ensure mission readiness. The thermal roof, which is formulated to repel 99.95% of UV-A and UV-B radiation, will help protect your staff as they perform their maintenance duties, as well as maximize the lifespan of your equipment’s paint jobs and electronics. Furthermore, our fabric shelters are compliant with US Air Force Sunshade Management (AFSM), Air Force Instruction (AFI), and International Building Code (IBC). They are also Berry Amendment compliant for military use.

Lunchrooms, Mess Halls & Safety Meeting Facilities

With no internal columns or guy wires, Big Top’s fabric shelters offer a clear span design that can be virtually any size to accommodate the need for a common area for your staff. We can equip your building with lightning protection so that it can be used as a muster station in inclement weather, a beneficial feature for field operations.

Warehousing & Storage

A fabric shelter from Big Top can fit nearly any size storage rack, and durable flooring can support the weight of forklifts and other heavy equipment. We can install large bay doors for shipping and receiving, as well as personnel doors. And thanks to the thermal roof, your sensitive materials and equipment will be well-protected from the elements.

Boat Storage & Maintenance

For maintenance and storage of your vessel, we can install end walls, bay doors for watercraft, dividers for separating compartments, and ventilation to reduce moisture.


Our fabric shelters can be anchored over dry docks to provide thermal protection for shipbuilding processes. With telescopic maneuverability, wherein the roof can slide open and closed along rails, our shipbuilding structures allow easy crane access so that you can move raw materials into and finished block constructions out of the facility.

Equipment Maintenance

Big Top’s fabric equipment maintenance shelters can span up to 174 feet wide and up to 80 feet high, allowing ample room for equipment of virtually any size. And because our structures help to keep your maintenance crew comfortable thanks to natural climate control and ventilation, they will require fewer breaks throughout the day than if they were working under the hot sun.

Fabrication, Painting & Blasting

Our structures can be constructed much faster than traditional fabrication, painting, and sandblasting facilities, and still provide the same level of protection for your staff. They provide proper containment for Black Beauty abrasives and other blasting materials, as required by the EPA, and we can install air-scrubbing and ventilation systems to keep the air free from contaminants.

Waste Management

Open-air waste management and recycling facilities are at the mercy of Mother Nature. All it takes is one sudden storm to grind production to a halt, and any sensitive recyclable materials, like cardboard, that are left exposed can lose their reclamation value. Our fabric structures can keep the elements at bay so that production can run uninterrupted, and they shield environmentally sensitive materials from moisture damage. Additionally, because they’re naturally ventilated, our waste management structures cut down on unpleasant odors.

Medical Tents

Thanks to all the great benefits provided by Big Top’s fabric structures, they are ideal for medical applications, including drive-through testing, triage, quarantine, emergency response, and disaster relief.

Barracks & Dormitories

If you need to house troops or employees, our fabric shelters can be outfitted with internal partitions, HVACs and insulation, flooring, and personnel doors.

Sports Complexes

Our structures can be customized for all manner of sports-related applications, featuring an expansive practice space with appropriate flooring and internal rooms or attached shipping containers that can serve as locker rooms, training rooms, and offices.

Energy-Saving Benefits

No matter the application, Big Top’s fabric shelters offer many ways to reduce energy consumption.

Natural Climate Control

With a UPF rating of 2,000 and a conventional rating of 50+, our fabric structures naturally maintain a pleasant interior temperature that is on average 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the outside temperature. Without having to rely on artificial climate control, you can certainly reap a return on energy costs.

Illuminated by the Sun

Another feature of the thermal fabric roof is that it is translucent and will allow plenty of natural sunlight to fully illuminate the interior, eliminating the need for electric lighting. We can set up a lighting system if your operations run into the night, but during the day, you’ll be saving considerable energy costs.


Unlike permanent buildings, Big Top’s fabric shelters can keep pace with the changing needs of your business. If you need to reorganize the space within your current footprint, your fabric building can be moved intact with a crane. If you need to relocate, your structure can be disassembled and shipped. It can also be stored for future use.

At Big Top, our first priority is our customers’ satisfaction, which we know is something that takes more than just cost-effective, versatile products. That’s why our fabric shelters are also durable and made to stand the test of time. Supported by a galvanized steel framing system and covered with a flame-retardant, PVC-vinyl fabric, our structures are made to withstand years of wear and tear. Our structures can also be engineered to handle excessive snow loads, wind loads, and seismic activity to meet International Building Code.

For more information about the fabric shelters that we make here at Big Top, contact us today. We proudly serve businesses all over the world.

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