Fabric Shelters to Support Your Business in Arizona

Fabric Shelters Arizona Business owners in Arizona who need additional space for their operations do not need to overspend on constructing a permanent building. Instead, they can turn to Big Top Fabric Structures. We offer fabric shelters that are designed for long-lasting performance and customized to meet unique business needs.

Stay on Budget

Constructing a permanent brick-and-mortar building can be a costly endeavor. If you’re on a tight budget, you’ll be pleased to know that a Big Top fabric shelter will be much more friendly to your bottom line. Our structures require fewer materials and take less time to build—they can be installed at a rate of 2,500 square feet per day, in fact—and they do not require assistance from an outside contractor. When it comes to assembly, Big Top can train your team on how to do it, or we can handle the process ourselves with our turnkey installation service for the utmost convenience.

Reap Energy Savings

Not only do our fabric shelters cost less to assemble than permanent buildings, but they also are less expensive to operate. Thanks to the signature fabric cover, which is formulated to repel 99.95% of UV-A and UV-B radiation, our structures offer excellent thermal performance. The interior of your new temporary building from Big Top will remain, on average, 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the outside temperature, creating a comfortable environment for your employees without having to run an HVAC system around the clock. Plus, the cover is translucent, allowing sunlight to fully illuminate the interior and eliminating the need for artificial lighting during daytime hours. You can see how quickly energy savings can add up month after month.

Protect Your Staff, Materials & Equipment

The exceptional thermal performance of our fabric shelters also means that your crew, materials, and equipment will be well protected from the damaging effects of sun exposure. This is particularly beneficial for companies that work with environmentally sensitive materials. If you have equipment, such as forklifts or aircraft, that you need to store, the protective benefits of your Big Top fabric structure will help maximize the lifespan of its electronics and paint job.

Deploy Your Fabric Shelter Nearly Anywhere

Big Top’s fabric structures do not require a concrete pad as a foundation and can be anchored to nearly anything, including asphalt, dirt, and shipping containers. This makes them ideal for on-site and field operations. When your business needs change, your fabric shelter can adapt with you—you can move your building around your property intact with a crane, and you can disassemble it and ship it to a new location.

Make the Most of Your Building Thanks to a Custom Design

Some of our competitors in Arizona offer only a few pre-designed fabric shelters, but when you partner with the professionals at Big Top, we’ll customize your structure so that it works best for you. Select from a range of accessories, such as flooring, bay and personnel doors, internal partitions to section off rooms, HVACs and ventilation, and much more. Your new fabric shelter can range in size from 20 to 174 feet wide and nearly any length your footprint can accommodate. We can also engineer your building for heavy wind and snow loads, adding extra strength to an already impressively durable structure that is supported by an industrial-grade steel frame.

Get Started

The advantages of a Big Top fabric structure are numerous, which is why so many business owners in Arizona turn to us time and again to meet their shelter needs. Contact us today to learn more about our fabric shelters and to begin designing one to support your business operations.

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