Fabric Shelter Structures Provided by an Industry Leader Since 1979

Fabric Shelter StructuresBig Top has been providing fabric shelter structures to businesses all over the country since our inception in 1979. Since then, we’ve become known as a trusted leader in the industry due to the quality of our materials and expert craftsmanship with which we construct all our temporary buildings. For instance, the fabric we use is both rip-resistant and flame-retardant and is supported by an industrial-strength, galvanized steel frame. No matter where your company or organization is located, our fabric buildings can easily withstand the weather patterns of your local climate.

Additionally, our fabric shelter structures can help reduce energy usage. By allowing natural light in, not only will there be less need for electric lighting, but the interior will stay up to 15 degrees cooler in the summer and 15 degrees warmer in the winter, ensuring a comfortable temperature for your staff with less work for your HVAC system. All these great benefits have been enjoyed by the many companies and organizations we’ve served from the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Mining and mineral
  • Oil and gas
  • Sports
  • Schools
  • Aviation
  • Marine
  • Military
  • And more

Because our fabric shelters are temporary, they can be easily moved around your property with a crane-lifting package, jack-and-wheels, or rails. They can also be disassembled and reassembled at a different location should your organization relocate, and can be anchored to any foundation.

For more information about our fabric shelter structures and how they can potentially provide you with tax advantages, contact Big Top Fabric Structures today.

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