Customizable Fabric Roof Structures for Nearly Any Industry

Fabric Roof StructuresSince 1979, Big Top Fabric Structures has been helping businesses across nearly every industry protect their equipment, house their field operations, and otherwise provide a shelter solution for myriad uses. One reason we are sought after again and again is the customizability that our fabric roof structures offer. Indeed, our products can be customized in countless ways, ensuring that whatever your needs are, we can meet them. Here are just some of the ways that our shelters can be customized:

  • Size – Our structures range from 20 to 174 feet wide, up to 72 feet in height, and can be virtually any length.
  • Mobility – A rail system can be included to move the shelter along your footprint or to create telescopic functionality. Using a crane-lifting package, the entire structure can be relocated around your property.
  • Functionality – There are numerous accessories available to meet your unique needs. These include an HVAC and venting system, personnel and bay doors, flooring, lightning protection, and much more.

High-Quality Shelters to Protect Your Staff, Equipment & Materials

Another great benefit of Big Top’s fabric roof structures is the protective qualities offered by the roof itself. The fabric is made from ultra-durable PVC vinyl and is rip resistant, secured by a galvanized steel frame. It will provide ample protection from nearly any type of inclement weather, ensuring your operations can continue uninterrupted. Plus, it blocks 99.95 percent of harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation and helps to maintain a controlled interior temperature that is roughly 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, keeping your employees comfortable and protecting your environmentally sensitive materials.

The fabric roof in our structures is also translucent and will allow plenty of natural light to enter the facility, eliminating the need for electric lighting and the energy costs involved. However, should you require the use of the shelter during the night, we can prep it for an electric lighting system to be installed by an electrician.

Big Top – A Name Trusted by Businesses & Organizations All Across the Country

With decades of experience, one of the strongest and most versatile products in the industry, and an unrivaled customer support system, Big Top has had the good fortune to provide solutions for businesses and organizations across nearly every industry including construction, mining and mineral, oil and gas, environmental, and even governmental institutions such as local municipalities, the U.S. Armed Forces, and military aviation.

Customizable Fabric SheltersIn addition to our fabric roof structures, we provide a range of services. For instance, we can survey your site beforehand to give an appropriate design recommendation so that your shelter makes the best use of your available footprint. We can train your staff on how to install your shelter, or we can install it for you. And, we’ll provide ongoing support after installation is complete for the management of your building, including guidance on expansion, relocation, and repairs. We also have warranties available to protect your investment.

Furthermore, due to our longevity in the industry, Big Top is well familiar with building codes that may be required in your area. We can navigate this process for you, ensuring your shelter is up to code for wind and snow loads, occupancy limitations, and more. Once erected, our fabric roof structures can be used for many years with only minimal maintenance.

To learn how we can meet your specific needs with one of our customizable fabric roof structures, contact Big Top today and a representative will be happy to assist you. No matter what kind of shelter you need, Big Top’s got you covered.

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