Fabric Covered Buildings Offer a Better Alternative to Traditional Buildings

Fabric Covered Buildings

Fabric covered buildings from Big Top Fabric Structures are used for myriad applications across a range of industries. Companies choose our fabric shelters due to the many advantages they offer over permanent buildings. For instance, because they require fewer materials, our structures can be built for a fraction of the cost of traditional buildings, while providing much of the same functionality. They can be erected at a rate of 2,500 square feet per day and do not require the skills of a specialized contractor. When you combine the cost-saving benefits of installing one of our fabric shelters over constructing a brick-and-mortar building with the energy savings that our structures deliver, it’s easier to see why companies across the nation consistently reach out to Big Top for a cost-effective shelter solution.

Energy-Saving Benefits

The fabric of our structures is formulated for outstanding thermal performance. In fact, the fabric cover repels 99.95% of harmful UV-A and UV-B rays, protecting your staff, materials, and equipment from excessive sun exposure. This also helps to keep the interior of the structure at a comfortable temperature that is, on average, 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the temperature outside, without the need for artificial climate control. The cost savings you can enjoy by not having to run an HVAC system around the clock can quickly add up.

Additionally, the fabric is translucent and will allow sunlight to fully illuminate the interior, eliminating the need for artificial lighting and further helping you save on energy costs. 

A Solution for Nearly Any Application

We specialize in manufacturing and designing fabric structures for a host of applications. In fact, we customize each fabric covered building to meet the unique needs of the customer. Our fabric shelters can range in size with the width measuring as little as 20 feet to as much as 174 feet, the height reaching up to 80 feet tall, and virtually no limit to length. Our structures can be customized with an abundance of optional features as well, including HVAC systems, flooring, and doors to name just a few. Here are some common applications of our fabric structures:

Storage & Warehousing

Big Top’s fabric covered buildings offer plenty of room to accommodate storage racks. We can include bay doors for shipping and receiving, as well as personnel doors for your staff. Added insulation can help protect environmentally sensitive materials.

Lunchrooms & Safety Meeting Facilities

Our fabric structures are easy solutions for when companies need a covered area where employees can enjoy their break and where safety meetings and other presentations can be held. For field operations, we can include lightning protection in the design, allowing the shelter to be used as a muster station in inclement weather.

Hangars & Sunshades

Big Top’s fabric hangars and sunshades can be anchored directly to the flight line and ensure mission readiness. Thanks to the UV-reflective fabric, Big Top structures help maximize the life of the equipment, paint, and electronics, while protecting maintenance crews from overexposure to the sun.

Other Benefits of Our Fabric Structures

In addition to their versatility, our fabric covered buildings have many other benefits. These include:

  • An open interior – Without support poles and guide wires, our fabric buildings maximize interior space and maneuverability.
  • Quick and easy installation – Our structures don’t require permanent foundations to establish secure footing, and in most cases, they can be erected by an untrained team of workers.
  • Durability – Supported by strong, galvanized steel frames and covered with heavy-duty PVC-vinyl fabric, our structures are made to last through perpetual wear and tear.
  • Portability – Our fabric buildings can be moved around a worksite as a whole unit with the addition of one of our mobility kits, or they can be dissembled and moved from site to site.

At Big Top, we strive to make our structures as accessible as possible, which is why we also offer onsite consulting services, design recommendations, and installation support. Additionally, we offer engineering services for those in areas that must comply with specific building codes, including snow-load, wind-load, and seismic requirements.

For more information about the long-lasing fabric covered buildings offered by Big Top, contact us today. Our versatile structures can be found around the globe.

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