Fabric Covered Buildings – Their Uses and Cost-Saving Incentives

Fabric Covered BuildingsFabric covered buildings have many different functions that can be utilized by your business or organization. For instance, they can be used as shelters for aircraft, warehouses for material handling, cafeterias for students or staff, assembly halls for corporate events, and as makeshift factories with production machinery, to name just some examples. But, the real reason why these buildings are becoming increasingly more popular is the potential savings they provide.

When compared to permanent structures, fabric buildings cost far less to build and take less time to erect on your property. The fabric used in these structures is designed to allow natural light in, which can help reduce the workload of an HVAC system in maintaining a comfortable interior temperature. The result may possibly lead to lower monthly energy bills. Plus, because a temporary canvas structure can be classified as equipment with the IRS, there are tax incentives available that cannot be had with a permanent building.

Another reason why fabric covered buildings are a better option than permanent structures is that they can be customized according to height, width, and any number of accessories, such as flooring and lighting, to meet your needs. Additionally, their modular design makes expanding easy, removing the worry of constantly running out of space for organizations that are quickly growing. Furthermore, fabric structures are portable – with the right tools, they can be maneuvered around your property or disassembled for shipping to a different location.

The advantages of fabric covered buildings are real, which is why Big Top Fabric Structures has been providing them to just about every industry since our inception in 1979. We will be happy to custom design a structure to meet the needs of your business, too. To get started, contact Big Top today.

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