Fabric Buildings Prove Valuable for Construction Sites in Every Industry

Fabric BuildingsBig Top’s fabric buildings are renowned for their versatility. One of the many great benefits that our structures have to offer is that they are built for both temporary and permanent applications. In the world of construction, where job sites change location from time to time, this proves to be a practical and economic sheltering solution. Unlike permanent buildings that must remain in one place, our fabric buildings can be disassembled for transportation between worksites, so you will only have to invest in one. With the addition of one of our mobility kits, such as a crane lifting package, our fabric buildings can also be moved around as whole units.

Another great advantage that our buildings offer is that they can be manufactured quickly and constructed easily. Without the need for a permanent concrete foundation, our structures can be built on site as soon as they are received. Additionally, their modular design lends to easy installation, and with the help of our installation guide and phone support, our fabric buildings can be erected by a team of laborers with no prior experience.

When you choose Big Top to build a fabric building for your construction site, we will work closely with you to ensure that it provides all the features that you need it to provide. We can customize our structures in many ways. For example, we can:

  • Incorporate heating, ventilation, and air condition systems
  • Install flooring
  • Add specialty doors
  • Engineer your building for compliance with snow-load, wind-load, and seismic requirements
  • And more

For more information about our fabric buildings, contact Big Top today. We are proud to be the partner of choice for construction firms in many industries, including oil, gas, energy, environmental, mining, mineral, and many more.

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