Fabric Building Systems Are an Enticing Alternative to Buildings Made of Wood & Metal

Fabric Building SystemsFabric building systems have been gaining popularity among businesses in commercial and industrial sectors. In large part, they are being used more because, when compared to buildings made of traditional materials like wood and metal, they cost less per square foot and are simply more flexible. For example, fabric buildings do not require a permanent concrete foundation. This means specialized construction crews are not needed for the installation, so they can be erected faster and without high costs. Plus, our fabric buildings systems are portable, which means they can be reused or even moved around a single worksite if needed.

In addition to costing less and being more flexible, Big Top’s fabric buildings have many other advantages over buildings made with more traditional materials. For example, our buildings offer:

  • Possible tax benefits – Because our buildings are made of fabric and do not require a permanent concrete foundation, they are often deemed as equipment and provide tax benefits.
  • Energy efficiency – At Big Top, we offer translucent fabric that allows natural light to shine through. Using natural light as the primary lighting for your building can reduce your reliance on electricity and help you reduce your monthly energy expenses.
  • Spacious interiors – Our fabric buildings feature a clear span design, which means they do not require any interior support poles or guy-wires. This means they have wide open, spacious interiors.

For more information about our fabric building systems, contact Big Top today. Founded in 1979, we have many years of experience and have made custom buildings for organizations in a variety of industries, as well as the military.

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