The Fabric Building Structures Made by Big Top Can Adapt to Any Need

Fabric Building StructuresAs a custom manufacturer, Big Top specializes in making fabric building structures that need to meet specific requirements. We can make our buildings in virtually any size, install functional features like HVAC, specialty doors, flooring, and lighting, and provide engineering services for those that need additional support for excess wind load, snow load, and seismic activity. In short, we work closely with each and every business to ensure our structures meet the required specifications.

At Big Top, not only are we committed to customization, but also to making functional, reliable fabric building structures that last. That’s why our buildings pose a number of other advantages. For example:

  • Our buildings are made with industrial-grade, galvanized steel frames that provide unwavering structural support.
  • Our fabric is California State Fire Marshall Flame Resistance Certified and rip resistant. Plus, it is available in three different weights: 18 ounce, 22 ounce, and 28 ounce.
  • Our buildings do not require a permanent concrete foundation to be built, which can save time during the installation process and help keep your bottom line healthy.
  • The space within our buildings is free from vertical support poles and guy wires, which maximizes space and maneuverability.

The focus that Big Top puts on custom manufacturing has enabled our company to make countless fabric building structures for businesses in many different industries. We have built warehouses and storage facilities, military hangars and sunshades, lunchrooms, blast-and-paint shops, dry dock covers, and more.

For additional information about the fabric building structures that we make for businesses, contact Big Top today.

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