Fabric Structures for Dry Docks & Graving Docks

Fabric Structures for Dry DocksFabric structures from Big Top make great covers for dry docks and graving docks, which are usually built without a roof to accommodate any size ship. However, if the weather turns sour or it’s a hot summer day with intense sun exposure, any work on the dock can come to a halt without protection. That’s where you’ll find our shelters to be particularly beneficial. The fabric that we use blocks out 99.95 percent of the sun’s UV-A and UV-B radiation, and it is rip-resistant and secured to an industrial-strength steel frame that will hold strong against inclement weather. Plus, because our fabric structures can be constructed to just about any size and need no interior support columns or guy wires taking up space, they can easily cover your dry dock or graving dock and still fit large ships.

Additionally, our fabric structures:

  • Maintain a comfortable interior climate that is on average 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the outside temperature
  • Allow in natural sunlight to illuminate the interior without the need for artificial lighting
  • Can be engineered to withstand heavy wind and snow loads if your marina is located in an area that experiences volatile weather regularly
  • Can be anchored to just about any foundation, including shipping containers

Big Top’s fabric structures also offer flexibility in that they can be relocated, if needed, using a crane and also engineered for telescopic maneuvering with a crane rail, making it easier to load and unload equipment or gear. We can also include just about any accessory you need for your dry dock or graving dock, including a ventilation system, bay doors, and partitions to designate separate work areas.

We can have one of our fabric structures installed at your marina in a manner of only hours. If you need a shelter to protect your dry dock or graving dock from the elements, contact Big Top today and we’ll provide the perfect solution.

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