Do You Need a Permit for a Temporary Structure from Big Top?

Fabric Building

Since 1979, Big Top has been designing and building temporary fabric structures for companies serving nearly every industry. We’re sought out again and again because of the numerous benefits our buildings can provide. If your company needs extra space for warehousing, equipment maintenance, storage, or myriad other uses, you may be wondering if you need to attain a permit to have one of our structures installed.

The answer to that question depends on requirements set up by your local city or county building department, but the good news is that Big Top has the staff, resources, and experience to ensure your shelter is up to code. When you partner with us, our service will include a number of teams coming together to create the perfect shelter solution to meet your needs. We’ll take into account your available square footage and any local building codes that are in effect in your area. For instance, we can engineer a fabric structure for heavy wind and snow loads to ensure local building codes are met.

A Real World Example of Our Collaborative Approach

Huntington-Ingalls Industries, the largest military shipbuilding company in the nation, tasked us with designing large-scale rolling covers for their plant in Pascagoula, Mississippi. This was a mammoth project and we were able to deliver a flawless result with our design, engineering, and production teams all coming together and working with the shipyard’s engineering department, state representatives, and architectural firms to ensure the rolling covers met local building requirements.

Benefits You Can Expect from One of Our Shelters

The benefits of Big Top’s fabric structures are numerous and include:

Better Working Conditions for Your Staff

The fabric roof of our shelters reflects 99.95 percent of harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation, and it helps to maintain an interior temperature that is on average 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the outside temperature, keeping your employees safe from sun exposure and comfortable as they perform their duties throughout the day.

Energy Savings

Not only will the roof repel thermal energy, but it will also allow plenty of natural sunlight into the interior thanks to its translucent design. In fact, it will illuminate the interior so well that you won’t need to rely on artificial lighting, reducing your energy usage.

Cost Savings

A temporary fabric structure from Big Top costs far less to build than a traditional, permanent building, and it can be built much faster, minimizing construction costs.


Our shelters can be moved intact, if needed, to somewhere else on your property. They can also be disassembled and shipped to another location altogether. Plus, because they can be anchored to nearly any foundation, including asphalt, ecology blocks, and shipping containers, they are versatile enough to be built in nearly any locale.

We’re Here to Help

Rolling CoversAt Big Top, we provide turnkey solutions for all your shelter needs. We can design your building with a range of accessories, such as an HVAC system, flooring, doors, and much more, and we can install it for you. To learn more about our fabric shelters, contact Big Top today.

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