Different Types of Temporary Storage Enclosures To Consider

Temporary storage is a must-have, whether you work in the construction, environmental, mining, or oil and gas industries. However, not every temporary storage solution fits every project. You need to consider a few different types of temporary storage enclosures to guarantee you find the right short-term solution to fit your project’s needs.

Container Mounted

If you need a temporary storage solution designed to fit and protect tall objects but don’t want to pay the extra price of erecting a tall building, container-mounted structures are for you. You can use the containers as extra storage space, an office, a lunchroom, or anything else you can think of!

The storage containers provide extra side-wall height for a fraction of the price. When you no longer need the structure, you can store it in the containers. If you want to sell, rent, or ship it to the next location, you can easily do so. With container-mounted structures, you get more storage for less money.

Ecology Block

Ecology blocks are strong, stackable bricks made from recycled concrete and construction debris that are used as an eco-friendly way to add height or a foundation to a temporary structure. You get all of the strength and stability that comes with brick for less money and less environmental impact when you use a fabric structure attached to ecology blocks. This is a great storage solution for containment facilities, salt or sand storage, or any other industry that needs sturdy, cost-effective, low-impact storage.

Fabric Storage Building

Fabric storage buildings can be made in an incredible array of sizes and can be expanded upon if desired. Because these structures can include HVAC systems, ventilation, insulation, ad other accessories, they’re perfect solutions for industries that need temperature-controlled storage. The design eliminates the need for tension cables or support columns, so you can get as much storage space as possible.

The same applies to temporary fabric warehouse structures. Warehouse storage and industrial storage may seem like the same thing, but you can also use your industrial storage space to assemble and package products or hold meetings. It’s generally more versatile, while warehouse storage typically houses goods, materials, and other products.

At Big Top Manufacturing, any of our temporary building enclosures can be customized with a wide array of accessories to fit your needs. Whether it’s climate control, HVAC systems, crane systems, or hydraulic-powered doors, we can help you protect and secure any materials, tools, or machinery.

Now that you know the different types of temporary storage enclosures to consider, it’s time to determine which one best suits your project! If you have any questions or need a quote, contact us today so we can meet your storage needs as soon as possible.

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