Coverall Fabric Buildings are a Great Alternative to Permanent Buildings for Your Business or Organization

Coverall Fabric BuildingsCoverall fabric buildings from Big Top Fabric Structures offer a number of benefits over permanent installations if your business or organization requires a large space for production, storage, assembly, or other needs. The first key benefit is energy cost savings. The translucent material of our fabric buildings allows natural light in, which reduces your need for electric lighting.

Another benefit our coverall fabric buildings offer over permanent structures made from other materials is portability. Our fabric buildings can be disassembled and relocated should your base of operations move, or, with a crane lifting package, can be moved around your property without disassembling. Plus, our fabric buildings:

  • Cost less per square foot
  • Can be considered equipment, which can provide a tax advantage
  • Have a quick installation time

Additionally, the fabric used in Big Top’s portable structures is flame retardant and rip resistant, and is held together by industrial-grade, galvanized steel frames for long-lasting durability. It blocks out 99.95 percent of UV-A and UV-B light, offering protection to your employees and equipment from damage caused by sun exposure.

Furthermore, Big Top can customize your structure with many unique features, including an HVAC system, lighting, flooring, doors, and much more. It’s no wonder then why commercial and industrial businesses and organizations across many different industries have chosen Big Top since our inception in 1979.

To learn more about our coverall fabric buildings and how we can customize one for your business or organization, contact Big Top Fabric Structures today.

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