A Clear Span Structure from Big Top Can Meet the Needs of Your Business or Organization

Clear Span StructureBecause a clear span structure has no interior support columns or guy wires, it’s a great option for any business or organization to use as a warehouse, large-area maintenance shelter, military hangar or sunshade, dry-dock cover, blast and paint shop, lunchroom or assembly room, or another type of building that provides a large, covered space. Since our inception in 1979, Big Top Fabric Structures has been the go-to choice for clear span buildings for companies in just about every industry across the nation.

That’s because a clear span structure from Big Top offers more than just a space – our temporary buildings can offer you cost savings on energy usage and can even contribute points to your LEED score. For example, our buildings are:

  • Made with translucent fabric that allows natural light in, reducing your dependency on electric lighting
  • On average, 15 degrees cooler than the outside temperature during the warm months, and 15 degrees warmer when it’s cooler, so you can have a more comfortable and productive working environment without spending a ton running your HVAC

Plus, our fabric is made from a flame-retardant, rip-resistant material and has a UV rating of 50+ to protect your staff, equipment, and materials from damage caused by sun exposure. Additionally, an industrial-grade, galvanized steel frame makes our buildings extra durable against inclement weather.

Clear Span StructureFurthermore, unlike buildings made from permanent materials, Big Top’s fabric structures can be moved around your property when assembled with a crane lifting package, or disassembled and relocated to a different jobsite. And, because they can be deemed as equipment with the IRS, you may benefit from tax advantages.

For more information about a clear span structure and why Big Top is a nationally recognized provider, contact us today.

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