Clear Span Truss Arch Buildings for Nearby Any Application

Clear Span Truss Arch BuildingsBig Top Fabric Structures manufactures clear span truss arch buildings for a variety of industrial applications. With nearly endless customization options, we design each building to the customer’s specifications to benefit their particular operations. And because our shelters are clear span, with no internal columns or guy wires taking up space, every square inch of the interior can be utilized. Our fabric structures are regularly used for:


With plenty of room to accommodate storage racks, durable flooring for forklifts and other equipment, and large bay doors for shipping and receiving, our clear span truss arch buildings make for perfect warehousing spaces.

Equipment Maintenance

Spanning up to 174 feet wide and 80 feet high, our fabric structures can fit oversized equipment with ease. And thanks to natural climate control, maintenance crews will be comfortable throughout the day and require fewer breaks when compared to working under the hot sun.

Sandblasting & Painting

Big Top’s clear span fabric buildings can be erected faster than traditional sandblasting and painting facilities, and they provide proper containment for Black Beauty abrasives and other blasting materials. Additionally, an air remediation and ventilation system can keep the air clean of contaminants, helping to protect your technicians.

Medical Tents

Our fabric medical tents can provide shelter for drive-through testing and other medical services, such as triage, quarantine, emergency response, and disaster relief.

Vehicle Inspections

Our clear span fabric structures can be anchored to asphalt, allowing them to span roadways. Privacy partitions can be installed so that vehicle inspections can be performed out of sight.

Hangars & Sunshades

When used as hangars or sunshades for aircraft, our clear span truss arch buildings ensure mission readiness and can be anchored directly to the flight line. Our fabric hangars are compliant with US Air Force Shade Management (AFSM), Air Force Instruction (AFI), and International Building Code (IBC), as approved by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). They are also Berry Amendment compliant for military use.

Recycling & Waste Management

Our fabric structures ensure recycling and waste management production can run uninterrupted by the whims of Mother Nature, as well as protect environmentally sensitive materials. They also help minimize odors thanks to natural ventilation.

Lunchrooms & Safety Meeting Facilities

Big Top’s clear span fabric structures are ideal for employee common areas and meeting spaces. If you’re operations are located in the field, we can install lighting protection so that the facility can be used as a muster station during a storm.

Benefits of Our Clear Span Fabric Structures

Companies all over the country have been benefiting from our custom fabric structures since 1979, and indeed, the benefits are numerous.

Energy Savings

The fabric roof in our clear span structures is formulated to repel 99.95% of UV-A and UV-B radiation for an impressive UPF rating of 2,000 and conventional rating of 50+. This helps to keep the interior at a pleasant temperature that is on average 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than the temperature outside. With their natural climate control, our clear span truss arch buildings do not require the assistance of an HVAC system to keep your staff comfortable throughout the day.

The fabric roof is also translucent, allowing ample sunlight to illuminate the interior without the need for artificial lighting, helping to further curb your energy consumption.

Cost Savings

In addition to the savings garnered from the thermal benefits of the fabric roof, our clear span structures can help you save on costs. They require fewer materials to build than traditional buildings, and they can be assembled much more quickly, at a rate of 2,500 square feet per day. And because they do not require the specialized skill of an outside contractor, you can more easily stay on budget. Furthermore, you can deem your fabric building as equipment with the IRS, which may lead to tax benefits.


Thanks to the versatile nature of our clear span truss arch buildings, they can adapt to the changing needs of your business. For instance, they can be moved intact with a crane if you’re doing some housekeeping within your footprint, and they can be disassembled and shipped to a new location altogether. Additionally, they can be stored for future use.

How Can We Design a Fabric Structure for You?

If you have need of a shelter solution, choose Big Top. We’ll ensure your new clear span arch truss building is designed to your specifications, and we can even take care of installation so that your crew can stay focused on more important tasks. To learn more about our clear span fabric structures, contact Big Top today.

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