Big Top’s Clear Span Fabric Structures Are Versatile, Long Lasting & Energy Efficient

Clear Span Fabric StructuresClear span fabric structures are half-round style buildings with wide entries and interiors. Big Top, a leading manufacturer of fabric buildings, has been customizing clear span buildings for commercial and industrial business since 1979. Our buildings are composed of flame-retardant, rip-resistant, PVC-vinyl fabric and industrial-grade, galvanized steel frames. These components create a durable system that can be relied on for years and years.

In addition to being durable, Big Top’s clear span buildings are modular and don’t require a permanent concrete foundation, which are benefits that lend themselves to easy assembly, extension, and disassembly. With the help of our installation guide and phone support, many of our customers are able to manage these tasks with their own teams of laborers, which means they don’t have to spend money hiring outside construction crews.

Big Top’s clear span buildings have plenty of other benefits. For example, they are:

  • Spacious – Our buildings do not have any support poles or guy wires, so, inside, they are spacious and easy to maneuver machinery around in.
  • Versatile – We’ve worked with businesses across a wide range of industries. Our buildings have served as warehouses, equipment maintenance shelters, military hangars and sunshades, dry dock covers, and more.
  • Energy efficient – Big Top offers translucent fabric that lets natural light shine through. This can reduce or eliminate the need for artificial lighting and add points to a LEED score.

Big Top is a company that is very much committed to customer satisfaction. As a custom manufacturer, we work closely with our customers to ensure their fabric buildings have all the features they need. We can even add optional features such as HVAC systems, flooring, lighting, doors, and more.

For more information about the clear span fabric structures that we custom manufacture, contact Big Top today. We are proud to be the building manufacturer of choice for many business across a wide range of industries.

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