Navy’s Global Hawks Finally Come Home After Unexpected 13-Year Deployment

The Navy’s Global Hawks Finally Come Home After Unexpected 13-Year Deployment. Last week, the US Navy sent home one of its most valuable assets – the RQ-4 Global Hawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that have spent almost three decades and only six months of downtime over the past 13 years flying unmanned reconnaissance missions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen among other countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

The importance of their journey

The Navy’s unmanned MQ-4C Triton surveillance planes have been deployed to areas near Iraq and Syria since 2007, almost a year before they were originally expected to end their voyage. As a major asset to the Broad Area Maritime Surveillance Demonstrator/BAMS-D the MQ-4C Triton surveillance planes have far exceeded expectations, and the celebration of them coming home is nothing to take lightly. 

How it works

The BAMS-D aircraft is a modified Northrop Grumman MQ-4C Triton, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) equipped with advanced sensors. The aircraft will provide persistent surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence-gathering capability over a broad area of ocean. It also provides maritime domain awareness for combatant commanders worldwide, supporting maritime battlespace awareness for Navy commands in support of Joint Forces.

Why the Broad Area Maritime Surveillance Demonstrator program matters

Though the U.S. Navy has been using unmanned aerial vehicles since the Vietnam War, it has only recently begun to take full advantage of their capabilities. The Broad Area Maritime Surveillance Demonstrator program, or BAMS-D, which uses these unmanned systems to watch the waters from above, demonstrates the Navy’s vision for the future of naval warfare. Developed by Northrop Grumman Corp., BAMS-D sends out swarms of drones that can cover vast areas quickly, automatically directing other drones to investigate and intervene as necessary. The purpose of these aircraft is to support commanders at sea. As threats in our world change, and as new technologies emerge, they need to remain adaptable and open-minded. This is one area where an if it’s not broken, don’t fix it approach doesn’t work—it’s their job to stay flexible, cost effective and ahead of the rapidly changing global environment. 

A minor but important role 

Manned or unmanned, it is a great thing to see United State assets come home safety. Having done so much for this country these UAV’s deserve the best in shelter in order to rest up and have the proper maintenance applied. Our team here at Big Top Manufacturing are thrilled to see one of our shelters being utilized as the chosen shelter for these craft, and so many more like it.

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Big Top Manufacturing Fabric Shelters Featured in Top Gun: Maverick

In the history of feature films, there have been quite a few fascinating aircraft-based blockbuster action movies, but few have had as much character and impact on pop culture as Top Gun. A staple badass all-American movie featuring the one and only Tom Cruise. Although not a sponsor, endorsed by, or professional consultant to, we’re proud to see our Big Top Fabric Shelters featured in the film.

Top Gun Chooses Big Top

Top Gun plane hanger
Top Gun: Maverick airplane hanger

During production, Paramount Pictures and Tom Cruise needed big top fabric structures for shooting a plane crash scene for their highly anticipated new Top Gun movie. They partnered with a famous Hollywood prop rental company who helped them construct custom-built shelters onsite during production. One of These shelters was placed at Squaw Valley Airport in Tahoe. Big Top Manufacturing is proud to feature our 40’x 60′ Shelter as part of one of Hollywood’s biggest summer movies, in theaters now!


Why is Big Top Manufacturing Fabric Shelters the Best?

When we talk about making top-of-the-line portable and fabric structures, there is one name that stands above all others in those arenas (ask Tom Cruise). That name is Big Top Manufacturing. These are far more than just gazebos or canopies; they are life and money saving features for any individual or business where weather protection may be needed in order to keep assets safe from lightning strikes or tornado blasts. To keep workers, cool, safe, and comfortable. As well as to save on a variety of expenses including electricity.  We’re still working towards ensuring protection from missiles, but if Tom Cruise feels safe leaving his F-14 Tomcat in one of our high-end hoop structures, we know we’re doing something right.

Our Customers Are Excited and Inspired By Our Top Gun Appearance

“Like a lot of movie fans, I was surprised to hear that Tom Cruise was reprising his role as hotshot pilot Maverick in Top Gun 2. But just as surprised to learn he would only be appearing in a small role—and that there was going to be no sequel. Instead, we’re getting a prequel about Maverick’s days as an instructor at Top Gun (the U.S. Navy’s Fighter Weapons School). That got me thinking about how useful it would be for my business if I could find an affordable fabric shelter modeled after one of those featured in Top Gun. And luckily for me, that’s exactly what Big Top Manufacturing has done!”

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If you haven’t already gotten out there and seen why Top Gun: Maverick is the highest rated film of 2022. What are you waiting for? It’s nostalgia, adrenaline, and story all wrapped in a 131-minute dopamine hit. Sit back grab your popcorn, soda, and keep your eyes peeled for our return to the Big Screen in Top Gun 2.

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F35 Heat Gain

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