Strong Canvas Covered Buildings Custom Made by Big Top Fabric Structures

Canvas Covered BuildingsAre you looking for a company that makes canvas covered buildings? If so, you have come to the right place. Big Top Fabric Structures has been custom manufacturing fabric buildings since 1979. Our “canvas” is a flame-retardant, rip-resistant, PVC-vinyl composite that won’t decompose like normal organic materials. With long-lasting fabric and industrial-grade, galvanized steel frames, you can be sure that our fabric buildings are made to last.

In addition to being durable, Big Top’s canvas covered buildings have many advantages over competing metal buildings. For example, our fabric structures are:

  • Easy to set up, expand, and disassemble – Thanks to their modular design and with the help of our installation guide and phone support, many businesses find that they can manage these tasks themselves.
  • Portable – Big Top’s fabric buildings can be disassembled and transported from worksite to worksite. Additionally, we offer several types of mobility kits that enable our structures to be moved without being disassembled at all.
  • Energy efficient – A building covered with translucent fabric will let natural light shine through, which can provide ample light throughout the day. Translucent fabric, such as that offered by Big Top, can reduce or eliminate the need for artificial lighting.

Big Top is a company that is fully committed to customer satisfaction. We work with our customers closely to ensure that their fabric buildings have all the necessary features. We can include add-ons such as HVAC systems, lighting, flooring, and doors, and we can even provide engineering services for those in areas that experience excessive snow, wind, or seismic activity.

Contact Big Top today for more information about our canvas covered buildings. We are proud to be the fabric building manufacturer of choice for many businesses across a wide range of industries.

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