Many things can go wrong in an assembly line—markets change, machines break, resources deplete or become expensive—and several factors are out of your control. As a project manager, it is up to you to be flexible and plan ahead in order to meet these challenges head-on and continue production. Unfortunately, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. If you’re looking for more dynamic, cost-effective solutions, learn how commercial storage tents can mitigate production issues.

Storage for Overproduction

Almost every assembly line experiences overproduction to one degree or another. Market trends and consumer demands can rapidly change; what was once popular can become obscure. Many companies keep these products to put them on sale, add them to swag bags, or reuse the materials. However, the decision-makers might not know where to keep them.

Commercial storage tents are much faster and cheaper to erect than typical warehouses. You can use them to house excess products so they don’t take up space in your main warehouse.

Store Tools, Materials, and Equipment Close

Deliveries can increase production time and interfere with how quickly you get products onto shelves. You shouldn’t have to wait to bring the equipment and materials you own to your assembly line.

Commercial storage tents allow you to keep equipment, tools, and materials close by without erecting another building. You can set up a fabric tent almost anywhere on your property, and it will protect your machinery from inclement weather and theft.

Keep Assembly Stations Together

Though it’s called a “production line,” assembly stations aren’t often in a straight line. While it would be ideal, separate aspects of production sometimes occur in entirely different facilities. This slows production and increases the risk of items getting lost or damaged.

With a commercial storage tent, you can house different aspects of assembly close to each other to speed up production. When your facilities are close together, it’s much easier to communicate in case of production issues or emergencies.

Ensure Workers Are Comfortable

No matter how much technology advances, human employees will always be essential, especially in production lines. That being said, it’s important to keep them safe and comfortable at work so they can thrive. Fortunately, commercial storage tents aren’t just for storage—you can also use them to house your entire facility!

Fabric tents can stay up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit colder in hot weather and vice versa. It’s also incredibly easy and affordable to install a quality HVAC system in a fabric tent than a brick-and-mortar building.

Commercial storage tents can mitigate production issues in many ways. The brilliant minds of project managers are coming up with more ideas each day! If you’re ready to see the benefits, work with Big Top Manufacturing today. We’ll help you design and install the perfect fabric tent to store your products and house your facility.

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