Fabric Shelters for Bulk Storage

Many of our clients have bulk storage needs, and they come to Big Top Structures for custom solutions. We do offer, however, several sizes that we keep in a well-stocked inventory if a particular unit needs to be rush delivered to your location.

Benefits of Bulk Storage Fabric Structures

As with all Big Top fabric buildings, bulk storage units offer an array of benefits to our customers. If, for example, you’re storing and drying contaminated soil after a cleanup, we help you address potential challenges and custom design the most ventilated, spacious and eco-friendly structure your application demands.

For clients such as farmers or product distributors, keeping seeds, grains, hay and other sensitive materials dry and environmentally controlled is important. We’ll work with you to ensure your fabric building is fitted with the proper HVAC and dehumidification system.

Another benefit to our bulk storage fabric structures is the fact that they are mobile. Should you use them for a few years to store one item until it’s depleted and need to relocate your building, you can do so in a number of ways – by rail, wheels or as a solid unit by crane. If you know relocation of your fabric structure will be necessary, talk to us about it upfront so we can incorporate future moves into your design.

Fabric Structures with Open Spaces

Bulk storage, just by nature, requires a vast amount of space. If you’re storing your business’s fleet, for example, you’ll need plenty of overhead and room for personnel to enter and exit. If you’re storing bulk supplies as a government municipality or for a big event your city is throwing, you may have special organization systems, shelving or rows that need to be installed.

Our fabric shelters offer wide open spaces because of their proprietary design. The galvanized steel frame supports the PVC fabric cover eliminating the need for bulky beams and support columns that reduce the about of square footage you have for large volume storage.

If your space is limited or you need the ability to safely store bulk items in either regular climate or climate controlled situations, we can help you find the best fabric structure to meet your needs. This includes accessorizing with the proper ventilation, heating, cooling and electrical components to maximize usability.

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