Seminole Golf CourseFabric Shelters & Fabric Structures for Golf Courses

For the most part, golf courses are wide-open spaces with well-trimmed grass and a few hazards. However, several buildings are required for the comfort and safety of players, for the storage of equipment and as covered work areas.

In many cases, traditional buildings made of wood and other materials can be unsightly and expensive. In addition, traditional buildings are not easily moved should the layout of the course needing to be altered. One solution to these problems with golf courses is to construct the tensioned fabric structures available from Big Top Manufacturing.

Fabric Structures for Players

Our fabric shelters are attractive and include several features that make them ideal for players to gather and relax out of the sun, rain or wind. The shelters can be built with or without walls, and the top cover is translucent to allow light inside while still providing shade and protection from harmful UV rays.

When walls are desired, they can be added to the sides of the arched structure and the ends. Doorways of all types can be set into the walls. Standard doors for personnel, double doors for a wide entry and bay doors for large pieces of equipment and furniture can all be used.

In addition, our fabric buildings accept a range of optional accessories, including humidity controls, temperature controls and full HVAC systems. Electrical lighting systems are no problem, and automated rail systems can be added to allow sections of the roof to slide away if necessary or desired.

Fabric Structures for Groundskeepers and Equipment

The fabric enclosures from Big Top Manufacturing are perfect for storing maintenance equipment for golf courses. The equipment is secure and kept out of damaging weather, and it can be separated from the clubhouse to keep interaction between the groundskeepers and players to a minimum. The shelters can be used to park mowers, trimmers and wood chippers, or it can be used for the dry storage of fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

These fabric shelters are prefabricated in several sizes, and options are available for all types of golf course equipment. Ceilings can be as high as 72 feet, and widths can stretch to over 166 feet. Shelter lengths are virtually unlimited, and the modular design allows you to lengthen or shorten them as required.

In addition to equipment storage, the shelters can be used as a central area for groundskeepers and maintenance workers. The head groundskeeper can use the shelter as an office or for meetings, and others can use separate rooms or areas for personal lockers, breaks or lunches.

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