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Traditional gyms and sports facilities can be expensive and take years to build. Some schools and recreation centers are dealing with shortages of space and budgetary constraints that leave current gym space overcrowded or nonexistent.

When you need a building quickly, affordably and without any construction hassles, Big Top Manufacturing has the ideal solution. Tensioned fabric structures provide nearly all of the benefits of traditional buildings at a much lower price, and they can be relocated whenever necessary.

Fabric Shelters for Sports Facilities

To those who are new to fabric shelters, they may sound like nothing but tents, but the structures from Big Top Manufacturing provide many features that tents do not. To begin with, these structures use a durable frame made of galvanized steel tubing that is guaranteed to be maintenance free for life. A strong, weatherproof fabric made of PVC is then pulled tautly over and connected to the frame, which can be supported on several different types of foundations.

Once the basic fabric structure is complete, it is strong enough to withstand 40 ft. of snow per square inch and winds of speeds greater than 100 mph. The indoor gym can then be completed by adding a lighting system for nighttime use and a climate-control system for the winter and summer months. The fabric itself is translucent and allows enough light to enter the building to keep the electric lights off during the day, which can go a long way toward reducing expenses.

Versatile and Easily Constructed Fabric Structures

The sports facilities and indoor gyms available from Big Top Manufacturing are designed as modules, which makes them extremely versatile. One building can be configured in several different ways depending on the size needed at the time. The fabric building can then be modified as required.

Several enclosures can also be erected in close proximity and connected to form a gym complex with different areas for different sports and activities. Doorways can be made large enough to bring in any type of sporting or training equipment, including maintenance vehicles, and the interior may include hard flooring, artificial turf or natural grass.

Construction time for a Big Top gym depends on the size of the structure, but on average, it takes a team of general laborers only one day to erect an enclosure with an area of 2,000 square feet. Skilled contractors and experienced builders, however, can complete the job in only a fraction of this time.

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