Fabric Warehousing Structures for the Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas WarehousingBig Top’s fabric structures have been sought out again and again by companies in the oil and gas industry for use as warehousing spaces. Due to the nature of the industry, oftentimes a building is needed in a remote location for storage of materials and equipment. Constructing a permanent building is not ideal because it can be expensive and intrusive to the environment. Plus, once production is complete, it will then need to be dismantled, further driving up costs.

A fabric building from Big Top offers a better solution. Not only do our structures cost less to build, they require minimal impact on the environment. In fact, they can be anchored to nearly any type of foundation, even ecology blocks. Additionally, they can be easily moved around the jobsite with a crane or rail system, and they can be disassembled and shipped to another location with no wasted resources.

Protection for Your Materials and Equipment

Another great benefit of our fabric shelters is the protection from the elements that they provide. The translucent roof allows in plenty of natural light, eliminating the need for artificial lighting, and also repels 99.95 percent of harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation. Our structures can withstand the forces of nature and can even be engineered for heavy wind and snow loads. They can also be equipped with lightning protection if needed.

A Fully Customized Warehousing Solution

Big Top’s fabric warehousing structures can be built to nearly any size and can include any number of accessories to meet the needs of your oil and gas production. For instance, we can install an HVAC system, doors for personnel, bay doors for equipment, and flooring.

To learn more about how we can build a fabric structure for your warehousing needs, contact Big Top today. We’ve been serving the oil and gas industry since our founding in 1979.