Lunchroom and Safety Meeting Facilities for Businesses in the Mining & Mineral Industries

Lunchrooms, Safety Meetings, Mining & Mineral

Companies in the mining and mineral industries often have their operations based in locales that are off the beaten path. Any kind of shelter needed where personnel can congregate, such as a lunchroom or safety meeting facility, needs to be built. Rather than overspend on constructing a permanent building, these companies increasingly turn to Big Top for an alternative solution.

Our fabric structures not only cost less than brick-and-mortar buildings, they can be assembled more quickly, anchored to nearly any foundation, and disassembled for relocation or to be stored for later use. Due to their modular design, our shelters can be built to nearly any size to accommodate your needs. Your staff will be comfortable as they enjoy their lunch or take part in a safety meeting thanks to the fabric roof, which blocks 99.5 percent of harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation. The fabric also helps to maintain an interior temperature that is 15 degrees cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, on average, than outside temperatures.

Protection for Your Staff

In addition to being shielded from sun exposure, your employees will be sheltered from inclement weather. Our tensile structures feature a galvanized steel frame that will hold strong no matter how hard the wind blows, and we can even add engineering for heavy snow loads. We can also equip a shelter with lightning protection, which will allow it to be used as a muster station in the event a storm suddenly rolls through and your staff needs a safe space to ride it out. Furthermore, the fabric in our shelters is NFPA701 flame-retardant.

For more information about how Big Top’s fabric structures are used as lunchrooms and safety meeting facilities for the mining and mineral industries, contact us today.