Fabric Structures as Soft Wall Expeditionary Shelters (SWES)

Soft Wall Expeditionary SheltersMilitary, emergency services, and other rapid-response industries require soft wall expeditionary shelters (SWES) that can not only be assembled quickly but will also be strong enough to provide shelter for as long as the mission or job takes to complete. Big Top is proud to have worked with the U.S. Military and other organizations that need safe living quarters and workspaces for personnel, and storage areas for equipment and vehicles.

Our soft wall expeditionary shelters can be quickly deployed without heavy equipment or specialized construction training, and can also be rapidly dismantled when they’re no longer needed. Because they can be anchored to nearly any type of foundation, not just concrete, they can be utilized in just about any environment.

Customizing a Tactical Tent

Not only are our shelters quickly and easily erected, they can also be built to your exact specifications and include any number of accessories to meet the needs of your mission. For instance, living quarters and mess halls can be equipped with climate control systems, and workspaces can be sectioned off with walls and doors. If your rapid-response crew is being deployed to an area in a turbulent climate, we can engineer your shelter for heavy wind and snow loads.

Protection for Your Staff and Equipment

The translucent fabric roof of our military tents repels 99.95 percent of UV-A and UV-B radiation. Not only will this help protect your personnel from the elements, but it will also help prolong the paint life and electronics of your aircraft, trucks, and other equipment.

To learn more about the benefits of Big Top’s soft wall expeditionary shelters, contact us today.