Multipurpose Shelter Systems for Military Institutions

Multipurpose Shelter SystemsThe versatility of Big Top’s fabric structures makes them ideal for nearly any application required by military or other rapid-response organizations. They can be built to nearly any size and, thanks to their modular design, can be resized after assembly to keep pace with changing requirements. For instance, length and width can be adjusted by adding or removing modules, and the side and end walls can be raised, lowered, or removed completely.

Customizing Your Fabric Structure

Big Top can equip your multipurpose shelter with a range of accessories to meet the needs of your operations, including HVAC systems, personnel and bay doors, lightning protection, and more. Due to their versatility, our fabric structures have been used as:

No matter how you use your multipurpose shelter, you can count on protection from the elements. The fabric roof blocks 99.95 percent of UV-A and UV-V radiation, protecting your staff and prolonging the life of your equipment’s electronics.

Ease of Deployment

Our multipurpose shelter systems can be easily transported and quickly assembled with no specialized training. If the needs of your mission change and you need to move the shelter to a different point at your base of operations, it can be lifted and moved with a crane. When your job is complete, the shelter can be conveniently disassembled and shipped to where it is needed next.

To speak with a representative about how we can design a multipurpose shelter for your needs, contact Big Top today.