Fabric Structures as Maintenance Shelters for the Armed Forces

Maintenance SheltersWhen maintenance must be completed in the field, military organizations rely on Big Top’s fabric structures to provide shelter. Not only can our shelters be conveniently transported, they can also be assembled quickly and without any prior specialized construction training. They do not require concrete as a foundation – in fact, they can be anchored to just about anything, even dirt and gravel. Indeed, they are one of the most versatile solutions for maintenance shelters available.

Protection from the Elements

Not only will our tension maintenance shelters shield your personnel and gear from rain, wind, and snow, the fabric roof also blocks 99.95 percent of UV-A and UB-B radiation, protecting your crew and prolonging the paint life and electronics of your aircraft, trucks, and other equipment. If your base of operations is located in an area with inclement weather, we can engineer a shelter for heavy wind and snow loads.

Serving the Armed Forces Since 1979

Big Top is proud to have partnered with the U.S. Military since our founding in 1979. Our structures have been used as large area maintenance shelters (LAMS), hangars for aircraft, and living quarters for personnel while out in the field to ensure Mission Readiness.

Cost Savings

Another primary benefit of utilizing one of our tensile maintenance shelters instead of a permanent building is that they cost far less to build. The translucent fabric roof allows in plenty of natural light to minimize your need for electric lighting, saving on energy costs. Plus, because they can be registered as equipment, you may even benefit from tax advantages.

For more information about how our fabric structures are used as maintenance shelters by rapid-response organizations out in the field, contact Big Top today.