Fabric Structures as Large Area Maintenance Shelters (LAMS)

Large area maintenance shelters (LAMS) are integral to military organizations that need an expansive space to perform maintenance duties on oversized vehicles and equipment. Big Top’s fabric structures are perfect for these requirements because they can be built to nearly any size and can include large bay doors for moving aircraft, trucks, and other vehicles and equipment in and out of the shelter. Additionally, our clear-span shelters have no interior columns or guy wires, ensuring that every square inch of space is available for your operations.

Protection from the Elements

Our large area maintenance shelters are strong enough to withstand virtually any type of weather, so your crew and equipment will be protected no matter where your base of operations is located. The translucent roof allows in ample natural light to illuminate the interior, while also repelling 99.95 percent of UV-A and UV-B radiation. Not only will this protect your personnel from harmful sun exposure, it will also prolong the paint life and electronics of your vehicles and equipment. We can also engineer a shelter for heavy wind and snow loads if needed.

Rapid-Response Deployment

Another reason why military organizations seek out Big Top for large area maintenance shelters is that our structures can be easily transported and quickly assembled without specialized construction training. They can also be anchored to nearly any foundation, not just concrete, making them ideal for a range of environments. Once your mission has been completed, the shelter can be just as quickly disassembled and relocated to a different location.

Big Top is proud to have provided large area maintenance shelters to the U.S. Military and other organizations since our founding in 1979. To learn more about our fabric structures, including how you can benefit from tax advantages, contact us today.