Fabric Structures as Controlled Humidity Protection Shelters (CHPS)

Controlled Humidity Protection SheltersSpecial Forces and other rapid-response organizations that need a versatile, climate-controlled shelter that can be quickly deployed to ensure Mission Readiness turn to Big Top. Our controlled humidity protection shelters (CHPS) can be assembled without heavy equipment or specialized construction training and can be anchored to virtually any foundation, making them ideal in every type of environment.

Customized to the Needs of Your Mission

The modular design of our structures allows them to be interconnected in a myriad of ways for the needs of your mission. From complex facilities that include walled-off workspaces and living quarters to single-room, open-walled aircraft hangars and maintenance shelters, our fabric structures can be built according to your exact specifications. And, because our shelters don’t count against square footage requirements, they are ideal for military bases.

Climate-Controlled Protection for Your Equipment and Crew

Big Top’s fabric roofs repel 99.95 percent UV-A and UV-B radiation, which will protect your crew and prolong the paint life and electronics of your equipment. For a fully controlled humidity shelter, we can include insulation, HVAC systems, and dehumidifiers in your design.

Convenient Portability and Mobility

Our controlled humidity protection shelters can be easily transported to your base of operations. Once deployed, they can be moved around the base with a crane to keep pace with the needs of your mission. When your mission has been completed, the shelters can then be conveniently disassembled and stored for when they are needed again.

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