Shipyard Support Fabric Shelters

Much of the work that a shipyard requires is performed in the open, but this does not always make for an ideal work environment. When buildings are available, they are often too far away to be of practical use, and it can be expensive to build a new, permanent structure for each job. Shipyard support fabric shelters from Big Top Manufacturing provide diverse and convenient solutions to many challenges marine building requirements present.

Types of Fabric Support Shelters

Big Top Manufacturing’s marine support shelters can be configured in a number of ways and used for a multitude of purposes. Some of the possible uses of these shipyard support shelters include the following:

  • Warehouses – Storage facilities can be erected quickly and affordably, and they will last for up to 20 years. Climate-control systems can be added to these warehouses for sensitive items.
  • Vehicle/heavy equipment storage – Storing ground vehicles and heavy equipment outside can lead to premature wear and expensive repairs. Our fabric shelters provide durable protection for the valuable tools and vehicles located in shipyards.
  • Covered docks – Fabric structures can be built straddling a dock slip or a dry dock to keep ships out of the elements.
  • Repair centers – Working on ships in the open severely limits when repairs can be made and what types of repairs are possible. Big Top fabric shelters used as repair centers keep workers comfortable and maximize productivity.

Benefits of Big Top Shipyard Fabric Building Solutions

Shipyard support shelters from Big Top provide several benefits to our clients. Our fabric shelters versatile and can accommodate a range of applications, and we also work closely with you to keep your project within scope and budget. In fact, these buildings are the most economical solution for creating additional roofed areas in any shipyard.

Big Top fabric shelters are very spacious and do not rely on internal columns for support. The zinc-coated, galvanized steel beams used for the frame are corrosion resistant and fabricated to your exact specifications.

The steel frame of a Big Top fabric shelter supports a strong and resilient fabric cover, which serves as the side walls and roof. This white PVC fabric allows light to enter but is treated to keep UV rays from penetrating. This reduces the need for electric lighting while protecting the health of workers and the integrity of any equipment inside.

Installing Big Top shelters is a simple process, and no permanent foundations are necessary. These buildings can be erected on dry ground, on the tops of shipping containers or on uneven surfaces. They can also stand in one location for years at a time or be relocated quickly at a moment’s notice.

If you know your project requires relocation, discuss your options upfront with us. Our fabric structures can be custom designed for the highest level of mobility possible. Either disassembled piece meal, relocated by crane or mobilized by rail or wheel, we make accessibility and ease of movement a priority in our designs.