Fabric Structures for Covering Dry Docks and Graving Docks

Dry docks are essential in marine industries for the construction and repair of vessels large and small. While dry docks have walls that allow vessels to enter, they are often built without roofs or covers. This is so that they are not limited to ships of particular heights. The problem with this is that a dry dock without a cover remains unprotected from the elements, which can make many construction and repair projects difficult or impossible during periods of inclement weather.

Big Top Manufacturing offers an array of covered, secure and efficient dry dock covers and graving dock covers, all constructed using the highest quality materials available. We also design and construct are fabric structures in house which means we’re able to monitor and control every phase of the manufacturing process.

Dry Dock Basics

Dry docks are walled basins that can be filled with water so that ships and boats can enter. After the vessel is in the dry dock, the water is slowly drained so that it rests on a support on the dry floor. This allows workers to repair and maintain vessels without the difficulty of being submerged in the water. Alternatively, vessels can be constructed inside of dry docks. When construction is complete, the dry dock is filled with water so that the vessel can easily be propelled into the larger body of water.

The most common type of dry dock is stationed on land and is known as a graving dock.

About Dry Dock Covers from Big Top

Graving dock covers from Big Top Manufacturing consist of two primary elements, a series of steel trusses or support beams and a durable fabric cover. After the frame is constructed, the cover is secured over the top. This design makes the covers simple to construct and allows them to be disassembled, either for storage or relocation. Because we specialize in larger applications, most of our fabric building are intended for permanent placement; however, our modular design allows our clients the flexibility to move them shelter if necessary.

Features of Dry Dock Covers

Our tension fabric structures help dock workers keep important jobs on schedule and include several beneficial features. Following are the most important features of these covers:

  • Simple installation – Dry dock covers from Big Top can be erected quickly by unskilled laborers with no previous experience in building construction.
  • Modular frames – The modular frames allow the covers to be expanded or decreased in size to accommodate various dry docks and vessels.
  • Mobile – These covers can be relocated as a single unit (depending on size of course) or disassembled and moved as components.
  • Partitions – Partitions can be added to separate multiple projects.
  • Efficient – The fabric filters natural light to reduce the need for electrical lighting

Our design and manufacturing team has experience accommodating the needs of several marine-based fabric structure projects. So regardless of scope or size, we invite you to give us a call to explore what dry dock and graving dock cover options are available to you.

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