Fabric Structures as Cargo Enclosures Offer Superior Protection from the Elements

Fabric Structures for Cargo StorageBig Top’s fabric structures are used time and time again as cargo enclosures in marinas all over the world due to the superior level of protection they provide from the elements. Cargo, whether it’s stored in a shipping container or by some other means, can get damaged if it’s left exposed to the elements. As a solution, shipping companies have come to rely on the protective features of our shelters.

How do our fabric structures provide superior protection from the elements? The answer can be found with the fabric itself, which is:

  • Engineered to block 99.95 percent of UV-A and UV-B radiation from the sun
  • Rip resistant and secured to a durable, industrial-strength steel frame that will hold strong against volatile weather
  • NFPA-701 fire-retardant, meaning it will self-extinguish in only three seconds if it should catch fire

Our fabric structures can also be rigged for heavy wind and snow loads as added protection if your marina is located in a storm-prone area. Plus, their modular design allows them to be built in just about any size, and their clear-span interior is free of support columns or guy wires, leaving plenty of space for your cargo.

Additionally, Big Top’s fabric structures can be conveniently anchored to shipping containers, concrete, or just about any other type of foundation. They can also be engineered for telescopic maneuvering using a crane rail, making it easier to load and unload cargo. Depending on your needs, we can also include accessories, such as climate controls, insulation, and lightning protection.

To learn more about how our fabric structures can protect your cargo, contact Big Top today. We’ve been providing protective cargo enclosures to marinas all over the world since our founding in 1979.