Fabric Structures Make Durable Boat Storage Shelters That Will Fit Your Budget

Fabric structures from Big Top are cost-effective alternatives for boat storage compared to permanent dock buildings, which can be costly to build, maintain, or rent space in. Our shelters cost less to construct and can reduce your energy costs, thanks to natural lighting provided by the translucent fabric that eliminates the need for artificial light.

Whether you own a private boat or a commercial fleet, your vessels will be well-protected from the elements in one of our fabric structures. The fabric is rip-resistant and NFPA-701 fire retardant and is supported by a galvanized steel frame that is strong enough to withstand heavy snow and wind loads. Additionally, the fabric blocks 99.95 percent of UV-A and UV-B radiation.

When you turn to Big Top for your boat storage needs, we’ll custom design as many fabric structures as you need for your marina according to your exact specifications. Our shelters can be engineered for:

  • Size – We build storage structures to accommodate any size vessel. For added height, we can even anchor them to stacked shipping containers. Thanks to a clear-span design, there are no support columns or guy wires taking up space inside our shelters.
  • Mobility ­– By including a crane lifting package or crane rail, our fabric structures can be relocated around the shipyard as necessary and can be telescopically maneuvered.
  • Customization – We have numerous add-ons that we can include to meet your unique requirements, including end walls, small doors for personnel and bay doors for watercraft, ventilation to reduce moisture, and dividers for separating rooms or compartments.

Big Top has proudly provided fabric structures to boat storage facilities all over the world. If you’re in need of a boat storage shelter, keep your costs low by partnering with us. Contact Big Top today to speak with a representative about having a custom-designed shelter built for you.